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Ramapuram Sri Rama Temple- Kerala


Ramapuram Sri Rama Temple- Ramapuram Koothattukulam Road, Kottayam, Kerala 686576 Phone: 04822 263 100


Sri Rama


Sri rama Temple at Ramapuram is an ancient Lord Rama Temple situated 12 km from Pala town and around 40 km from Kottayam in Kerala, India. The main deity being Lord Ram this temple evolved almost 1000 years ago. Ramapuram Sreerama Temple is part of Nalambalam Yatra Temples in Kottayam district. The temple has Lord Rama as principal deity, facing the east, who is in a four-armed form, Chathurbahu. It is managed by a trust called Ramapuram Devaswom consisting of three Nambudiri families of Amanakara mana, Kunnoor mana and Karanattu mana.

Puranic Significance

The legend says that Lord Rama (incarnation of Lord Vishnu) left his kingdom of Ayodhya and reached the present Ramapuram village through the route which he used to find his spouse Sita during the fourteen years of exile. He found the place as an ideal spot for meditation. His brothers found him missing and they went in search for him towards south. When they found him meditating in a serene place, they too sat beside him and meditated, Lakshmana at Koodapulam, Bharata at Amanakara and Satrughna at Methiri. Over time, separate shrines for them arose in the spots where they meditated and it was famed as Nalambalam Nalambalam Pilgrimage Nalambalam is a set of four temples dedicated to Lord Ram and his brothers of Ramayana. The Nalambalams in Ramapuram Kottayam are within a radius of just 3.5 km. The devotees first visit Lord Rama at Sreerama Temple, Ramapuram, Lord Bharatha in Amanakara Temple, Lord Lakshmana in Koodapulam Temple and Lord Shatrugna in Methiri Temple. Having the Darshan of four brothers in a same day is called “Nalambala Darshanam”. Visiting Ramapuram Sri rama Temple during the period of Karkitakam (July – August) as part of Nalambala Yatra is considered to be very auspicious.

Special Features

To the right of the idol of Lord Rama is the idol of Shiva Parvathi. Near to this is the idol of Sree Dharma Sastha. Other deities (Upadevathas) worshipped at Ramapuram Sreeram Temple are Goddess Bhadrakali, Lakshmi Bhagavathi, Maha Ganapathi, Sree Hanuman, and Nagaraja. Bhadrakali is worshipped in a fearful form with the beheaded head of Darika, the demon. To the southern side of the Kali temple is the idols of Nagas (serpents) where during the day of Aayilyam devotees offer milk, turmeric and rice to the snakes. There is a small Ganapathi temple to the Western side of the temple and is believed to be very powerful. Appam, ada, coconut are main offerings of Ganesha. The shrine of Lord Hanuman is at the entrance of the temple. Lord Hanuman Swamy is worshipped for physical fitness, and intelligence. The shrine of Rekshas and Yakshi are installed near to Hanuman temple. Ambalakkulam or the temple pond is in the northern side of the temple and there is 8 day festival during the Malayalam month of Meenam (March – April).


The eight day annual festival is hosted in the Malayalam month of Meenam (i.e. March/April) on the chothi star. It is concluded by the aarattu ceremony on the Thiruvonam star, performed in the Amanakara Bharata temple pond. Utsavabali is also an important event during the festival.


1000- Years old

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Ramapuram Devaswom Board.

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