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Ramalingampatti Sri Pathala Sembu Murugan Temple, Dindigul


Ramalingampatti Sri Pathala Sembu Murugan Temple, Dindigul


Dindigul District,

Tamil Nadu– 624622


Pathala Sembu Murugan


Ramalingampatti Sri Pathala Sembu Murugan Temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan, Located in the Ramalingapatti, Dindigul district, Tamil Nadu. Here the Presiding deity is called as Pathala Sembu Murugan. The shrine where Lord Muruga arose surrounded by mountains such as Western Ghats, Gopinatha Swamy, and Devarmalai, is located at Ramalingam Patti in Dindigul district.  

Puranic Significance 

Siddhar Bogar is proud to have made the statue of Balakumaran in Palaniyambadi out of Navabhashana to keep the devotees physically and mentally healthy. Lord Siddhar of Thirukovilur who worshiped him and his disciple,  a spiritual guru 1000 years ago when he lived in a town called Ramalingam Patti near Redyarchatram, 50 kilometres from Palani, made a one and a half foot high idol of Lord Muruga from a mixture of five metals like gold, silver, copper, iron and lead. It is said that it was worshiped in the room and it was given daily abhishekam to give strength to the body. There are also those who say that Thirukovilur is the reincarnation of Siddhar Bogar.

A few hundred years after his time, Gandhamaran, a descendant of Bhaskara Sethupathi, who was the king of the Ramanathapuram principality, realized the glory and made poojas to be held in this temple. It has been offered by the devotees as Patala Sembu Murugan Temple. After that, many devotees joined together to build a new temple and performed Kumbabhishekam last year.


Devotees pray for child boon, prosperity and fearlessness.  Devotees offer vastras and ornaments to Lord.

Special Features

The Temple is believed to be 1000 years old. At the front of the east facing temple, the guardian deity Sangi Karuppasamy stands majestically 15 feet tall. Selva Vinayagar gives darshan in the front hall. Next in the Artha Mandapam, Kalabhairava as bharivar deity graces the east. From there is a path of 18 steps leading to the sanctum sanctorum which is 16 feet deep. During the recent Kumbabishekam held in the sanctum sanctorum, Sri Pathala Sembu gives darshan to the Murugan. Near this temple, Easan is blessed with the name of Jalakandeswarar. During the Pradosha period, special ablutions and poojas are held for Lord. Special pujas are held for Lord Muruga every day.


Purattasi Brahmotsavam, Panguni Uthiram, Masi Makam, Vaikasi Visakam, Thiru Karthikai, Vaikunda Ekadashi and Sravana Deepam are the festivals celebrated here.


1000 years old.

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