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Thuvakkudi Choleshwarar Shiva Temple, Trichy


Thuvakkudi Choleshwarar Shiva Temple, Trichy

Thuvakkudi , Tiruverumpur Circle,

Trichy (Tiruchirappalli), Tamil Nadu – 620015

NV Ramesh Gurus – 6369343264






Komalavalli Amman Temple with Choleeswarar in Thuvakudi, located in the Trichy district, is renowned for its remedies for Naga Dosha, Kala Sarpa Dosha, and Putra Dosha, as well as for bestowing blessings for childbirth. Situated about 21 km from the central bus station of Trichy.

Puranic Significance 

The Choleeswarar Temple in Thuvakudi, Trichy district, is deeply rooted in a historical tale. The story goes that King Kulothunga Chola II wanted to arrange a marriage for his sister, Komalavalli. Consulting the royal astrologer with her horoscope, he was told that she had Naga Dosha and needed to perform specific remedies. Seeking divine intervention, the king prayed to Lord Shiva.

In response, a divine voice instructed him to build a temple, assuring him that this would dispel his sister’s dosha. Believing this to be the voice of the divine, the king constructed a temple. This temple, built by the king, is known today as the Choleeswarar Temple in Thuvakudi, Trichy district. The presiding deities here are Lord Choleeswarar and Goddess Komalavalli Amman, with the king naming the goddess after his sister, as per temple lore.

Special Features

The Choleeswarar Temple in Thuvakudi, which is approximately 1200 years old, boasts several unique features. Notably, the Navagrahas (nine planetary deities) are enshrined with their respective consorts, which is a rarity. The temple also houses a special shrine for Kala Bhairava and a stone idol of Nataraja alongside Sivakamasundari Amman. One of the temple’s extraordinary phenomena is that the rays of the sun illuminate the main deity six days a year, a rare occurrence.

It is believed that worshipping at the Choleeswarar Temple can alleviate Naga Dosha (a supposed astrological affliction). This temple’s presiding deities are Lord Choleeswarar and Goddess Komalavalli Amman.


A special star remedy puja (Nakshatra Parihara Puja) is conducted on the birth star (nakshatra) day of the devotees (any month of the year). During this puja, the devotees place kalashas (sacred pots) before the deities and perform the parihara puja in front of Lord Choleeswarar’s sanctum. It is believed that participating in this puja can remove obstacles to marriage and bless the devotees with progeny.


Special worship ceremonies are conducted for the goddess on Fridays in the Tamil month of Thai and Aadi. During Aadi Pooram, the goddess is adorned with bangles in a special ceremony. Additionally, grand celebrations are held during Navaratri and Maha Shivaratri. Monthly Pradosham and Pournami (full moon day) pujas are also conducted with much devotion.


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