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Eriyur Malai Marundheeswarar Temple, Sivaganga


Eriyur Malai Marundheeswarar Temple, Sivaganga

Eriyur, Sivaganga District,

Tamil Nadu – 630566.




The Malai Marundheeswarar Temple is a prominent Hindu temple dedicated to Lord Shiva as Marundheeswarar. It is located in the village of Eriyur in the Sivaganga District of Tamil Nadu, India.

  • Eriyur is approximately 26 kilometers north of Sivagangai and is also located near other towns like Melur and Tirupathur.
  • The village is about 8 kilometers away from Thirukoshtiyur, which houses one of the 108 Divya Desam temples dedicated to Lord Vishnu.
  • The exact historical origins of the Malai Marundheeswarar Temple are unknown, but it is believed to be approximately 1,000 years old.
  • Like many ancient temples in the region, it has been a center of worship and devotion for centuries.


  • The major annual festival celebrated at the Malai Marundheeswarar Temple is the “Panguni Uthiram” festival, which typically falls in the month of March or April.
  • This festival is dedicated to Lord Muruga, who has a shrine in the temple, and it spans 10 days. It attracts devotees from the village and surrounding areas.
  • Many natives who have moved away from Eriyur return home to participate in the festival, making it a significant and joyous occasion for the community.
  • Another important festival that brings natives back home is the Pongal festival, celebrated in January.

The Malai Marundheeswarar Temple, perched atop a hill, serves as a place of spiritual significance and cultural celebration in the village of Eriyur. Devotees and visitors come to seek blessings and take part in the festivities that are an integral part of the temple’s tradition and local culture.


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