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Vannivedu Agastheeshwarar Temple, Vellore


Vannivedu Agastheeshwarar Temple, Vellore


Walajah, Vellore District,

Tamil Nadu 632513

 Phone: +91 4172 270 595






Agastheeshwarar Temple is dedicated to God Shiva located at Vannivedu in Vellore District of Tamilnadu. The Temple is located on the northern bank of River Palaru. Presiding Deity is called as Agastheeshwarar and Mother is called as Bhuvaneswari. The Temple is believed to be 1000 years old. The Temple is located on the northern bank of River Palaru. The temple is located on the Walajah bypass right on the National Highway.

Puranic Significance 

Shada Aranya Kshetrams:

           Once, Goddess Parvathy penance at Kanchipuram (Prithvi Sthalam) which is one of the Pancha Boodha Sthalam. Lord was pleased with her penance and married her. Rishi’s and Devas from heaven came down to Kanchi, to participate in the heavenly marriage of Lord Siva and Kamakshi Ammai. The place was so crowded; Rishi’s who came to participate in the marriage stayed in the forest near to Kanchipuram. They had to perform their daily rituals unobstructed. Each one of them chose a place in the forest to worship Lord Siva. All six places where they worshiped are known as Shada Aranyam. Since Six Rishi’s worshiped Swayambu Lingam in these six places it is considered holy to visit and worship Lord Siva here. The temples in these places were big in size with Rajagopurams once. Agasthya Maharishi installed and worshiped Lord Siva here for long period in sitting posture. Lord was pleased and blessed him. There is a statue of Agasthya Maharishi in sitting posture.


Once, Agasthiyar stayed in this place amidst Vanni Forest. He consecrated Lingam made of Sand for his worship. Hence the Lingam was worshipped by Sage Agasthya. It is called as Agastheeshwarar. Later, a temple was built by the King who ruled this area.

Short Lingam:

The Lingam was very short as it is believed it has been installed by Agasthya. Fingerprints can be seen in the Lingam.

Saptha Rishis worshipping Mother during Pournami:

 It is believed that Saptha Rishis (Agasthya, Athri, Vashista, Kashyapa, Gouthama, Bharadhwaja, Viswamithra and Jamadagni) are worshipping Mother Bhuvaneshwari during Pournami. In view of this, Lahusandi Yaagam has been conducted on this day on Mother Shrine. People believe that this Yaagam has been conducted by Saptha Rishis itself. Devotees keep seven banana leaves with Neivethanam for Saptha Rishis and worship them.


      Once this place was full of Vanni Trees, hence it was called as Vanni Kaadu. Later it got corrupted to Vannivedu.


          Devotees pray here to get rid of Chevvai Dosham and to minimize Saturn effects. Devotees will put Bitter Guards garland (17 Bitter Guards) with Deepams to Saneeswarar as prayer commitments. Devotees pray to Murugan with Beetroot Rice. People with debt crisis can worship Lord Shiva here on Chandra Hora Time on Mondays.

Special Features

Agastheeshwarar Temple is one of the Shada Aranya Kshetras representing the idol installed by Sage Agastya. The Temple is facing east with newly built Rajagopuram. Main Deity is Swayambu Lingam of sand known as Agastheeshwarar with his consort known as Bhuvaneshwari. Lord is facing east and Mother is facing south. Siva Lingam is small in size and finger prints can be seen on the Lingam. Mother Bhuvaneshwari is housed on Avudaiyar (Peedam) in standing posture.

She appears as if she is mediating. Homams and Poojas are conducted to Mother during Navarathri. Ashtathik Balagars are located in separate shrines facing their respective directions in prakaram. There are also shrines for Dwara Vinayagar, Kuberan, Kasi Viswanathar, Visalatchi, Murugan, Sarabeswarar and Kala Bhairava in the prakarams. Vinayagar and Saneeswarar are located adjacent to each other under Vanni Tree.

There is a Hayagriva Shrine in this temple famous among students. Stucco images of Agasthya worshipping Lord Shiva can be seen. Agasthya Maharishi installed and worshiped Lord Siva here for        long period in sitting posture. Lord was pleased and blessed him. There is a statue of Agasthya Maharishi in sitting posture. Poojas will be conducted to Sage Agasthya during Sadayam Star Days. Rishi Pooja will be conducted to Sage Agasthya during Avani Valarpirai.


 Shivarathri and Pournami Pradosham are celebrated in this temple with much fanfare. Besides this temple, on Shivarathri day, devotees also visit simultaneously other nearby Shiva temples at Karai, Veppur, Pudhupadi, Melvisharam, Gudimallur and Avarakkarai. To facilitate darshan to the devotees, all the temples are kept open during the whole night.



1000 years old.

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