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Tuman Mahadeva Temple – Chhattisgarh


Tuman Mahadeva Temple – Chhattisgarh

Tuman, Kartala Tehsil,

Korba District,

Chhattisgarh 495445




The Mahadeva Temple in Tuman Village, Chhattisgarh, is a significant historical and religious site dedicated to Lord Shiva.

  • Historical Significance: Tuman Village, where the Mahadeva Temple is situated, served as the initial capital of the Kalachuris of South Kosala. The Tuman Inscription, which dates to around 900 CE, documents this historical importance. The inscription and other historical records indicate that King Ratan Deva I played a crucial role in constructing several temples in Tuman during the late Kalachuri period.
  • Archaeological Discoveries: Recent archaeological excavations in Tuman, conducted between 2008 and 2010, unearthed a wealth of historical treasures. These discoveries include the remains of 20 temples and numerous sculptures representing various faiths, such as Vaishnavism, Shaivism, and Shaktism. This rich archaeological evidence sheds light on the region’s cultural and religious heritage during the rule of the Kalachuri dynasty.
  • Main Temple: The Mahadeva Temple is west-facing and consists of a Sanctum and a Mandapa. Unfortunately, the temple is currently in a state of disrepair. The entrance door of the temple is intricately carved and features depictions of various deities and guardians. The door jamb includes representations of the river goddesses Ganga and Yamuna, as well as Shaiva Dvarapalas guarding the temple. The lintel (lalatabimba) displays images of Brahma, Vishnu, the Navagrahas (nine planetary deities), and Lord Shiva. Incarnations of Lord Vishnu are also depicted on the door jamb.
  • Sanctum: The Sanctum of the temple is square in plan and houses a Shiva Linga. It follows a saptaratha architectural plan with seven projections or divisions. The exterior walls of the sanctum are adorned with various decorative motifs, including geometric and floral patterns, diamond designs, depictions of lions, and marching elephants.
  • Sculptures: Within the temple complex, various sculptures representing different faiths have been discovered. Notable among these sculptures are representations of Brahma, Vishnu, Gaja Samhara Moorthy (Lord Shiva as the elephant-slayer), Surya (the Sun god), Ganesha, Vasudeva (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu), Hanuman, Narasimha (an incarnation of Lord Vishnu as a man-lion), Gajalaxmi (Goddess of wealth), and Chamunda (a fierce form of the Goddess). These sculptures provide insights into the diverse religious traditions and artistic heritage of the region.

The Mahadeva Temple and the archaeological findings in Tuman Village serve as a valuable historical and cultural resource, offering a glimpse into the region’s past and its significance during the Kalachuri dynasty’s rule.


900 CE.

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