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Sri Ram Bodha Hanuman Temple, Srilanka


Sri Ram Bodha Hanuman Temple, Srilanka


Sri Lanka.

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Sri Ram Bodha Hanuman


Rambotha (Irampodai) Anjaneya Temple is dedicated to lord Hanuman, located in the highlands of Sri Lanka. It is situated on top of a hill near Rambotha town on the Kambalai – Nuvarelia main road in Nuwara Eliya District. Built in 2001, the temple is managed by Sri Lanka Chinmaya Monastery.

Puranic Significance 

In fact, there was no memorial or a temple at the very place Sri Hanuman set his feet. It is surprising that the car in which His Holiness Swami Chinmayananda was returning after a programme in Nuvarelia stopped at this place, though there was no technical snag in the vehicle. He sat at this place for a while in Dhyana. This is the road that connects Candy and Nuvarelia. Swamiji felt the power of Sri Hanuman and decided to build a temple for the Sundara Canto hero. Swamiji bought 10 acres of land near the Vivendan Hills area. And named it Rama Bodha. It means Rama’s army and/or Rama’s power. It is said and believed that this was the place where Rama arranged His army divisions. Though there are temples for Gods in Sri Lanka, Swamiji felt that there should be an exclusive temple for Sri Hanuman. He decided to build this temple through Chinmaya mission with Hanuman as the presiding deity. The job of making an idol of 16 feet tall Sri Hanuman was entrusted with sculptor Muthiah of Mahabalipuram. The tall idol was installed first and the temple works followed later. The consecration of the temple was celebrated on April 8, 2001.

Special Features

This is the spot where Sri Hanuman set his feet first in Sri Lanka.

It should be remembered that Sundara Canto in Ramayana occupies a supreme place the events of which happened in Sri Lanka, equal to that of Ayodhya Canto with the coronation of Rama Padukas despite turbulent events that could not shake the basic dharmas righteously followed by political leaders and citizens those days. Seethai Amman Koil, Munneswaram Koil, Ramalingaswami koil where Lord Rama worshipped Lord Shiva had been built already here dating back to thousands of years. The History begins with the landing of Sri Hanuman in Sri Lanka.


Sri Hanuman grants any wish of the devotee. Devotees offer garlands of betel leaves and butter to Sri Hanuman.


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