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Ramnagar Kothandaramaswamy Temple, Coimbatore


Ramnagar Kothandaramaswamy Temple, Coimbatore

Ramnagar, Coimbatore district,

Tami Nadu 641 009

Phone: +91 422 2233926




Sita Devi


Ramnagar Kothandaramaswamy Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, located in the Ramnagar, Coimbatore district, Tamilnadu. The name signifies that this temple is dedicated to Lord Rama

Puranic Significance 

Lord Kothanda Ramaswami Temple in Ramnagar in the city is an outstanding representation of temple building art, clean maintenance and pujas and Homas being performed from time to time. Ramnagar is also home of legal practitioners and their clerks. They got this facility from the then collector of the City granting him land for them. They built their own houses and settled there. Earlier the place was called Agraharam, Ranganathapuram and Karivaradhapuram.

The residents then decided to build a temple and purchased a land covering 85 cents and appointed a team for the construction of the temple. Funds were collected from public. The temple was constructed according to rules. The consecration took place in the year 1933 5th February. Lord Rama graces from the sanctum sanctorum accompanied by Mother Sita Devi and Brother Lakshmana. The area then came to be known as Ram Nagar after the name of Lord Rama. The temple is well maintained with renovations when needed.

Special Features

Lord Vilwa Lingeswarar and Lord Vinayaka with Nagas are seated under the Vilwa tree and on a stage under Arasamaram tree respectively. There is lecture hall. The temple has a majestic Rajagopuram. The old Deepasthamba had been removed and is replaced with aesthetic style east of the Rajagopuram. The last consecration of the temple was celebrated on 18-2-2008 after the renovation of the temple in a perfect manner. The next 48 days saw a number of spiritual and cultural programmes of lectures and music and dance performances. A spiritual vibration could be felt in the temple that follows closely all puja performances for the benefit of humanity


Devotees believe that the event of the traditional meeting of the bride and the bride groom in the temple, will solemnize their marriage at the earliest with the blessings of Lord Rama. Realizing their wishes, devotees perform Tirumanjanam to Lord Rama.


Ram Navami


500-1000 years old

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Mettupalayam Railway Station

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Coimbatore International Airport

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