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Sri Sundaranandar Siddhar was a disciple of Sattamuni. It is believed that he received a Shivalinga from Siddhar Agastya and established it at Sathuragiri, where he worshipped it.

The Sathuragiri Sundara Maha Lingam temple is located in the Thaaniparai area of the Saptur forests in Tamil Nadu. This is situated in the Virudhunagar district near Watrap. The nearest major town to Sathuragiri is Srivilliputhur. For thousands of years, realized sages and Siddhars have worshipped the Shivalinga called “Sundara Maha Lingam” at this location. “Sundaram” means beautiful, “Maha” means great, and “Lingam” means Shiva, the supreme self. This hill temple is considered a dwelling place for Siddhars, possibly due to the numerous medicinal herbs found in the Sathuragiri hills. There is also a cave called “Thavasi Paarai” in Sathuragiri, where Sundaranandar and his guru Sattamuni lived.

Siddhar Bogar mentioned Sundaranandar in his work “Bogar 7000” in verses 5828 and 5829, stating that Sundaranandar was proficient in space travel and samadhi yoga. In verses 5920 and 5921, Bogar provides additional details, noting that Sundaranandar was born under the Revati star (third quarter) in the Tamil month of Aavani (August-September). He was the grandson of Navakanda Rishi, who resided in Kishkinda mountain, and belonged to the Agamudaiyar (Devar) class.

However, Siddhar Karuvoorar, in his verse 582, states that Sundaranandar belonged to the Reddy class. Siddhar Agastya also mentions in his work “Amudha Kalai Gnanam,” in verse 218, that Sundaranandar was a Reddy. Sundaranandar attained samadhi in Madurai.

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