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Sri Mayuranathaswami (Sagittarius) Dhanus Rasi Temple, Mayiladuthurai


Sri Mayuranathaswami (Sagittarius) Dhanus Rasi Temple, Mayiladuthurai district – 609 001 Phone: +91- 4364 -222 345, 223 779, 93451 49412.


Mayuranathar Amman: Anjal Nayaki


Mayuranathaswamy Temple, Mayiladuthurai or Mayuranathar Temple is a Shiva temple in the town of Mayiladuthurai (formerly known as Mayavaram or Mayuram) in Tamil Nadu, India. The temple is dedicated to Lord Mayuranathaswamy, a form of Shiva, and has given its name to the town itself. The main icon is a lingam and the presiding deity is called Mayuranathar because the goddess Parvathi worshipped Shiva here in the form of a mayura. The Temple is believed to be 1000 years old shiva temple. The temple is considered as (Sagittarius) Dhanus Rasi Parikara Sthalams.

Puranic Significance

The temple was built by the Medival Cholas. The oldest inscriptions on the temple walls date to the time of Kulothunga Chola I. Massive renovations were carried out during 1907–1927 by Devakottai AL. VR. P. Veerappa Chettiar and Pethaperumal Chettiar. Daksha, the father of Mother Parvathi conducted a yajna but intentionally failed to invite Lord Shiva to humiliate Him. Lord Shiva did not want Parvathi too to attend the yajna. Yet, with a view to correct her father, Parvathi attended the function but was humiliated by Daksha. Lord Shiva took the Veerabadra form and destroyed the yajna. A peacock used for the rituals sought asylum at the feet of Mother Parvathi. As she ignored Lord’s advice, she was cursed to become a peacock. She came to this place as a peacock and performed severe penance to get back Her Lord. Pleased with Her penance, Lord Shiva appeared before here as a Peacock Himself and danced as a peacock – Mayura Thandavam. Ambica was restored to her original form. As the Lord came here as a peacock–Mayura, He is praised as Mayuranathar. The Gouri Thandavam dance performance of the Lord is celebrated here as Mayura Thandavam – Mayura-peacock. Lord Nataraja graces from a separate shrine. The first puja in the evening is dedicated to Lord Nataraja. Mayilamman shrine is opposite to Nataraja shrine where both the Lord and Mother grace in the form of a peacock. Two peacocks and two monkeys are depicted in the banyan tree above the Lord Dakshinamurthy sculpture in the goshta wall. There is also a Nandhi. Legend has it that Nadha Sharma and his wife Anavidyambikai came to this place for the Cauvery bath-Thula Snanam. Before they arrive at the place, the 30 days time (Aipasi month-October-November) expired. They sadly stayed at the night worshipping Lord Shiva.

Special Features

Sign No: 9 Type: Fire Lord: Jupiter English Name: Sagittarius Sanskrit Name: Dhanus Meaning of Sanskrit Name: The Archer These types of people are very friendly and cheerful in nature. They are of deep thinking and of high intellect with a quick temper and strong passion. They show great interest in outdoor sports. They are quite independent in nature. In family life, they may have many problems. Difference of opinion among family members may create difficulties. Diseases connected with excess of heat in the body will trouble these people. Good Dasas are of Sun, Moon and Mars. Bad Dasas are that of Moon and Venus.


Vaikasi Brahmmotsavam in May–June, Aipasi Thula Snanam (bathing in Cauvery) in October–November and Laksha Deepam on the last Friday of Aadi month–July–August are the festivals celebrated in the temple.


1000 Years old

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