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Singampunari Sevuga Perumal Aiyanar Temple, Sivaganga


Singampunari Sevuga Perumal Aiyanar Temple, Sivaganga

Singampunari, Sivaganga District,

Tamil Nadu – 630502

Mobile: +91- 98650 62422


Sevuga Perumal


The Sevuga Perumal Aiyanar Temple is dedicated to the village deity Ayyanar and is located in Singampunari, Sivaganga District, Tamil Nadu. The Sevuga Perumal Aiyanar Temple is situated in Singampunari, a significant temple in the area. The temple is known for its historical significance as a place where oaths were taken to ensure truth. A unique feature of the temple is the presence of the Suyam Prakasar, also known as Suyambu (naturally occurring Shiva Lingam), located to the left side of the main shrine.

Puranic Significance 


  • The primary deity of the temple is Lord Sevuga Perumal Aiyanar.
  • The temple complex also houses a shrine dedicated to Pidari, a goddess.
  • The Lord Sevuga Perumal Ayyanar is considered a brother to other Ayyanar deities in the Singampunari area, including Shree Sirai Meetta Ayyanar and Shree Seguttaiyanar Temples in M. Soorakkudi village, situated about 12 kilometers from Singampunari.
  • The 10-day festival dedicated to Shree Sevuga Moorthy Ayyanar culminates with the “Puravi Yeduppu Thiruvizha,” which is a well-known celebration in the surrounding districts.


  • According to the temple’s lore, this place was once a Bael tree (Vilvam).
  • A hunter came to this place to hunt a deer but shot an arrow that caused the deer to escape into the hollow of a tree trunk.
  • When the hunter tried to catch the deer, he discovered an image of Aiyanaar in the bush.
  • Amazed by the discovery, the hunter began to worship the deity as “Perumal,” and from that day, the deity became known as ‘Sevugap Perumal Aiyanaar.’


Lord Aiyanaar, who gracefully bestows anything asked, is hailed as a god who protects the city, augments harvest and who safeguards the cattle. He is worshipped for getting rid of the malignant influences of the planets Sani and Raagu. After the fulfillment of the prayer, calves are given as offering. Offering can also be dedicated by conducting Abhishekam (sacred bath) to the Lord and by adorning him with new clothes

Special Features

Deity Description:

  • The main deity, Sevugap Perumal Aiyanaar, is seated in a ‘Power Posture’ (Veeraasanam) and wears a crown on his head.
  • Sevugap Perumal Aiyanaar is accompanied by his consorts, Poorani and Pushpakala.
  • The security goddess, Pidari Amman, is placed to his right, and Swayamprakaaseswarar (also known as Thanthondreeswarar) is to his left.

emple Significance:

  • The temple is known for its worship practices involving Bael leaves (Vilvam), which are associated with Lord Shiva.
  • Sevugap Perumal Aiyanaar is a powerful deity, considered significant as he is believed to be born of the union of Lord Shiva and Lord Vishnu.
  • Since the temple is situated in a Bael forest, the sacred tree associated with the temple is the Bael Tree (Vilwa).
  • Various deities, including the Retinue Angels (Parivaara Devathaikal), are worshipped using Bael leaves.
  • The temple has a pushkarani (temple tank) that includes the waters of River Virisilai and a perennial fountain water source from a well located within the temple’s inner paved corridor.

Other Deities and Features:

  • The temple complex also includes shrines for various other deities, such as Bali Karuppar, Periya Karuppar, Chinna Karuppar, Brahmaayee Amman, Adaikkalam Kaaththa Aiyanaar, Ganesha, Murugan, Sangili Karuppar, Muthu Karuppar, Valaithadi Karuppar, Sannasi, Saptha Kannika, the Navagrahas, and Chandikeswarar.
  • The temple was known for its historical archives containing thousands of palm-leaf records.


The Car Festival (Ther Thiruvizha) in the month Vaikasi. The 10 days Brahmotsavam is famous and draws huge crowds. The Ther Thiruvizha (car festival) and Poo Pallaakku are important festivals. There is a peculiar festival called ‘Kaluvan Thiruvila’ which is celebrated only in Singampunari.


1000 Years Old

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