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Senthamangalam Sri Abathsahayeswarar Temple, Villupuram


Senthamangalam Sri Abathsahayeswarar Temple, Senthamangalam, Villupuram District, Tamil Nadu- 607204


Sri Abathsahayeswarar/Sri Vanilai Kandeesuvaramudaiyar Amman: Sri Periyanayagi


Abathsahayeswarar Temple, Senthamangalam is a 13th century massive east facing temple with 3 Praharas. The Dakshinamoorthy is sitting on a Rishabam and Muruga here has six faces and six hands. The lingam here is large. There is an abandoned musical stone horse opposite on the bank of the temple tank which is said to give different musical notes when you strike in different places. This massive Shiva Temple is being renovated / excavated by ASI. This is the place that saw the very last battle of Chola regime. After this war, the chola regime came to an end. Aabath Sahayeswarar (Lord Siva) Temple is located in the entrance of Senthamangalam village. This temple is part of the Koperuchingan kadavarayan King Fort and it was destroyed many years ago. Senthamangalam is located between Villupuram and Ulundurpet. Take a left at the Senthamangalam town sign board, which is about 25 kilometers from Villupuram, and drive for half a kilometer to reach the temple. Precisely it is located after 1.5 Kms from the Gedilam Junction on the National Highway about 700 meters South ward (left) diversion from the highway

Puranic Significance

The Kadava King Koperunsingan’s father Ezhisai Mohana Manavala Perumal (1200 – 1211 CE) ruled this region keeping Sendhamangalam as capital. In 1231 CE Rajaraja-III, was defeated by the Pandya Kings and fled out of Thanjavur. At Thellaru near Vandavasi Koperunsingan attacked (1231 CE) and took him with all his wife and children as prisoners. Rajarajan-III with his family was lodged at this place in a prison. He was released after his relative and Hoysala King Viranarasimhan came with his army. It is believed that Pancha Pandavas, during their 14 years exile, came to this place and worshiped Lord Shiva of this temple. The inscriptions belongs to Kadava King Koperunsingan ( 1229 – 1278 CE ), Vijayanagara King Hariharan-II are found in this temple. An inscription speaks about donation of Land, Gold to a person’s family called Peththan Nayakar who sacrificed his life through navakandam for the un-interrupted functioning of temple activities even during war. This temple is facing east with a two Rajagopuram base. A pandal pillar with a Palipedam is at the centre. On the right side a mandapa reconstruction is in progress. Nandhi is in-front of sanctum sanctorum in a mandapam. The Sanctum sanctorum consists of sanctum, antarala, artha mandapam, Maha mandapam and a mukha mandapam. Both side steps are provided between artha mandapam and maha mandapam. A two tier stucco nagara Vimana is over the sanctum. The Koshtams are empty now. The respective idols are kept inside the maha mandapam. The Idols are Vinayagar, Dakshinamurthy, Ashtabhuja Durgai, Ashtabhuja Bairavar, Lingothbavar and some sculptures are also kept in the maha mandapam. The prakaram is on a raised platform and Ambal Sannidhi is facing south on the north east corner of the corridor.




1000 – 2000 Years old

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Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)

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