Thursday Jul 18, 2024

Discovery of a 586-Year-Old Inscription:

During a joint survey by the Krishnagiri District Government Museum and the Historical Research and Documentation Committee, a 586-year-old Vijayanagar era inscription was discovered in Hale Krishnapuram village near Teertham.

Regarding this, Krishnagiri Government Museum Curator Govindaraj said: Near the house of a person named Pasappa, this inscription is found around a black stone well, measuring 20 feet in length and consisting of 7 lines. The upper part of the inscription features a trident, while the lower part depicts a beautiful Kali, along with an umbrella and flag depicted in relief.

This inscription dates back to the time of the Vijayanagar king, Devaraya II, 586 years ago. At that time, the Muluvai kingdom, which included the present-day Krishnagiri district, was ruled by Muluba Kal and Lakkana Dannayaka of present-day Karnataka. The inscription reveals that there was a Shiva temple known as Thiyagapperumal Temple at that time. It mentions that a land called Ponnakkoon Pallai was donated for the temple’s puja expenses.

Thus, he explained.

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