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Pulichikulam Kalasamy (Yamadharmarajan) Temple, Tenkasi


Pulichikulam Kalasamy (Yamadharmarajan) Temple, Tenkasi

Pulichikulam village,

Tenkasi District,

Tamil Nadu– 627814.


Kalaswamy (Yamadharmarajan)


Pulichikulam Kalasamy Temple is dedicated to Lord Yama, located in the Pulichikulam village, Tenkasi district, Tamil Nadu.There are very few temples for Yamadharman, who stands as the leader of Dharma and acts without morals. One of them is a separate temple dedicated to Lord Dharma in Pulichikulam village in Tenkasi district. Here the Presiding deity is called as Kalaswamy (Yamadharmarajan). The Temple is believed to be 1000 years old.

Puranic Significance 

        In this ancient temple, when he was first presented in the form of riding on a buffalo vehicle, the wrath of yamadharman could not be endured. So they have been worshiping by sacrificing a rooster during the temple offering ceremony. Later,they transferred him to the vehicle and performed Kumbabhishekam in the temple. Since then, Yamadharman is known as Kalaswamy.

 He is named as Kalaswamy, who is the God of time as the one who determines his time. Now Shaiva worship takes place here. In the street adjacent to this temple there is a separate shrine for Yamadharman’s weapons, vel and mace. After worshiping there first, Kalaswamy’s shrines are worshiped. Presiding deity has a whip in his right hand and a weeding rope on his right shoulder. There is a trident in the hall.


         Yamadharman is a person who is always doing dharma, so those who suffer in dharma matters worship this Swami and get benefited.


           A special worship is held on the last Friday evening of every Tamil month. Pongal festival is celebrated with special pooja and special Deeparathan will be shown to the Swami. After that, special prayers will be held on the next day.


1000 Years Old

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