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Perur Sri Hanumantharayan (Anumandaeswara) Temple, Coimbatore


Perur Sri Hanumantharayan (Anumandaeswara) Temple, Coimbatore

Noyyal River bank, Perur,


Tamil Nadu 641010


Sri Hanumantharayan


Perur is located about seven kilometers from Coimbatore city. Even today this is a simple village where the famous Siva Temple, Patteeswarar is situated. This place got the name perur in Tamil “per+oor” makes perur. ‘Per’ [periya] means huge, big and ‘orr’ means town. On the bank of the river Noyyal and very adjacent to the Patteswarar temple, there is a temple for Sri Hanuman. Here the Presiding deity is called Sri Hanumantharayan (Anumandaeswara).

Puranic Significance 

    This place was under the rule of Vijayanagara emperors. The Madurai Nayaks had contributed immense art treasure by adding mandapam with artistic pillars. Today these art sculptured pillars are seen as a monumental work of Vijayanagara and Nayak period. The Temple is believed to be 1500 years old.

Sri Achudhadeva raya had given charities to the temples and Mutts of this region which were propagating the value of dharma. It is no secret that Rayas, Nayaks and Mysore rulers were ardent devotees Sri Hanuman and during their time many temples had come up for Sri Hanuman in this region. Perur also had its share and an exceptionally good temple for Sri Anjaneya on the banks of Noyyal River near Patteswarar temple.

The murtham is of seven feet in height. Both murtham and the tiruvachi had been curved out of a single granite stone. Lord is seen in standing posture and facing east. The beauty of the standing posture and the elegance of the Lord is a feast to the eyes of devotee. Devotee will not like to take his eyes off the deity, such a grace in the pose. It is beyond description.

Lords’ lotus feet adorning hollow anklets are seen firmly rooted to the ground. Left leg is graciously bent and right leg is straight and firm, these makes the Lords’ lower hip move rightward adding beauty to the posture. In His hands He is wearing kanganam in the wrist and keyuram in arm. His left hand is seen resting on the graciously bent left thigh and at the same time holding the stem of the Saugandhika flower. His right hand is seen raised with Abhaya mudra, assuring the devotee of fearlessness. His tail is seen raised on the back of His right hand, and takes a bend above the head. And in the end of the tail is a neatly tied small bell. Lord is wearing three malas in His neck, one of which has a pendant in bosom. Lords face is elegant and draws the attention of the devotees. His ‘kora pal’ assures the devotees His determination to eradicate ‘adharma’. He is wearing ear-ring which is long and touching the shoulders. Neatly combed kesam of the Lord and a small portion of which are flowing on the sides of the head is adding beauty to the deity. The Lord is facing straight and eyes of the Lord directly shower the blessing on the devotee.


      Sri Hanumantharaya Swamy of this kshetra assures his devotees of fearlessness to weed-away adharma. After dharshan of the Lord Hanumantharaya the devotees are sure to feel the confidence of the Lord bestowed to face any adharmic situation with all strength drawn from him.

Special Features

People use to offer prayers to Sri Hanuman after taking bath in the river. This practice of having a temple for Sri Ganesha and Sri Hanuman on the banks of the river or huge water tank is in vogue for many years. Temple is east facing and spacious. Earlier pujas were conducted in this temple as per the Madva sampradaya. Temple is known by the name ‘Sri Hanumantharayan Kovil’.


Vaikasi Visakam, Thiru Karthikai and Hanuman Jayanthi


1500 years old

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Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Department (HR&CE)

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