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Perumbakkam Sri Venkata Varadaraja Perumal Temple, Perumbakkam


Perumbakkam Sri Venkata Varadaraja Perumal Temple, Perumbakkam


Villupuram district,

 Tamil Nadu -605301


Sri VenkataVaradaraja Perumal


Sri Sridevi andSri Bhoodevi, Sri Perundevi Thayar


Sri Venkata Varadaraja Perumal Temple” which is located in a village named “Perumbakkam” which is about 7 Kms from Villupuram on Villupuram – Thirukoilur highway (via Mambalapattu) in the state of Tamil Nadu. It is an ancient temple built almost 1000 years ago. 

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Puranic Significance 

According to Sthala Purana, Lord Varadaraja is believed to have appeared in the dream of a Vaishnavaite and a Vedic Scholar living in Perumbakam. The Lord ordained him to fetch the idols buried in the land called “Thoramaniam” and build a temple for him and his consorts. Following this divine instruction, the land was excavated and the idols of “Sri Venkata Varadarajan, Sri Sridevi and Sri Bhoodevi “were found.

 According to the inscriptions found in the temple, it was built during Pallava period according to the “Agama Sashtra”. The Temple Rajagopuram was recently constructed and the “Maha Samprokshanam (Kumbhabhishekam)” was performed auspiciously on 7th July 2014.

 As the main deity of this temple has both ‘Katika Hastham,’ as in the case of Lord Venkateswara and ‘Abhaya Hastham,’ as in the case of the deity in Kanchipuram, he came to be known as Sri Venkata Varadaraja Perumal.  Since presiding deity carries a ‘Vakshasthala Pratima’ of Nrasimhar (an image of the face of Lord Nrasimha) on the chest, Perumbakkam has, therefore, been known as “Dakshina Ahobilam”. So if one has a darshan of “Sri VenkataVaradaraja Perumal, it amounts to having the Darshan of Lord Thiruvenkatan of Thirumala, Lord Sri Varadaraja Perumal of Kancheepuram and Lord Sri Nrasimha of Ahobilam at the same time. Garuda here stands with open wings mentioned as another special feature. The sthala viruksham of this temple is “Vilvam”. The name of the Thayar here is “Sri Perundevi Thayar”. Outside the moolavar sannadhi, there are deities of Sri Venkatan with his consorts, Sri Lakshmi Narayanan, Sri Pattabhiraman, and Sri Lakshmi Hayagreevar. Also there is a separate sannadhi for Sri Lakshmi Nrasimhan (Moolavar and Utsavar) andSri Lakshmi Varahan.

Special Features

Sri Kalyana Anjaneyar

The legend goes that if an unmarried person and so also persons who wants to have child worship “Sri Kalyana Anjaneyar” all obstacles will be removed and they will be blessed. In general many devotees in and around Perumbakkam village, vouch for this divine power of “Sri Kalayana Anjaneyar”.

Sri Viswaksenar and Sri Nammazhwar Sannadhi

The temple also houses separate sannadhi for Vishwaksena and Nammazhwar. The idols of Sri Kumuthavalli Nachiar sametha Sri Thirumangai Azhwar are also here.

Sri Bhashyakarar (Sri Ramanuja) Sannadhi

The temple also houses a separate sannadhi for Sri Ramanuja

Nagam(Adhiseshan) There is a small sannadhi for “Nagam(Adhiseshan)”. It’s a general belief that worshiping snake and offering milk will reduce all sorrow and brings goodwill.


Utsavams(Festivals) celebrated in this temple

  • Sri Ramanujar’s Chhithirai Thiruvathirai
  • Sri Vaikhasi Vasantha Utsavam
  • Sri Nammalvar’s Vaikasi Visakam
  • Sri Andal’s Aadi Puram 
  • Navarathri Utsavam(10 days)
  • Sri Vedanta Desikar’s Sravanam(10 days)
  • Puratasi Ketai Utsavam(10 days) 
  • Pavithra Utsavam(3 days)
  • Sahasradeepam
  • Vaikunta Ekadesi
  • Panguni Uthram


1000 Years Old

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Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Department (HR&CE)

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