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Periya Kozhappalur Thirukurareeswarar Temple, Thiruvannamalai


Periya Kozhappalur Thirukurareeswarar Temple, Thiruvannamalai

Periya Kolappalur, Near Sethupattu,

Thiruvannamalai District,

Tamil Nadu 632313






Periya Kozhappalur Thirukurareeswarar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Located in the Periya Kolappalur, Village, Thiruvannamalai district, Tamil Nadu. Legend has it that this place, known as the great Kozhappalur, was the place that Lord Shiva worshiped and worshiped Indra and the white horse that appeared in the ocean of milk. It is a one-time puja temple under the control of the Hindu Religious Endowment Department. The Swetha Ashwa Theertha in front of the temple is in a state of repair.

Puranic Significance 

 Once when Sage Narada was walking along the beach, he saw a white horse standing there shedding tears. When he got closer, he realized that it was a rare creature that had risen from the sea of ​​milk. “What happened to you who were born with nectar? Why are you so upset?” asked Narada. “You know the rivalry between the dragon maiden Katru and her sister Vinatha. The argument and competition between them is about what colour my tail is. Katru argued that my tail is black. To make it true she made her dragon cubs wrap around my white tail. You will know that she has enslaved her sister by falsehood.

At this point, the venom of Dakshakan, one of the snakes coiled around my tail, struck my thigh. Because I was born in the ocean of milk, life is not in danger. But my pure white colour is getting spoiled little by little. How can I go to heaven in this world?” After thinking for a while, Narada said, “If you go to this place and worship Easan, you can get liberation” and went on with the advice and blessing.

Lord Shiva, who appreciated its devotion, blessed him as an idol to be worshiped for a lifetime. Accordingly Venpuravi was worshiped for 48 days. At the end Lord Shiva appeared to the Goddess as Rishabh Rudra and made her shine again. The host was happy. “Lord! This place, which I worshiped with all my heart in devotion to you, should be given as “Kulasai” from now on. Venpuravi worshiped and prayed to the Lord and reached the heaven.

As the white horse was worshiped in this way, the Lord of this place has the alternate names of Swethapuriswarar and Swetha Asweswarar. Also, this Lord is also known as Thirukuravadi Nadar, Thirukurura Iswaran, as he graces under the kura tree.

Special Features

     The temple is said to be more than 1500 years old. To the north of the town is the temple of Easan. Swami facing towards the east side. In the sanctum sanctorum, Swetha Aswesvara is enshrined as Swayambu Murti with a hoof mark of a horse. Ambal Tripurasundari Sannidhi is facing south.

There is a Vayu Lingam in the Vayu corner of the temple and a Paramesa Koopam well in the eastern direction. Chola era inscriptions are also found here. This temple is the Ashwini Nakshatra parikara thalam due to the worship of the Ashwama horse.



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