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Padavedu Veera Anjaneyar Temple, Thiruvannamalai


Padavedu Veera Anjaneyar Temple, Thiruvannamalai

Padavedu village, Thiruvannamalai district,

Tamil Nadu- 606905.


Veera Anjaneyar


This 300 years old temple is located in the padavedu village, thiruvannamalai district, Tamil Nadu. This temple is on the way to Ramar temple from Renugambal temple and close to the Draupadi Mandapam. The beautiful deity, Veera Anjaneyar, is about 8 feet tall. This Anjaneyar was in the main road without any temple and when they wanted to move him for the new temple, they could not. Only after adorning him with a Butter Alankaram made of about 40 kg of butter, he moved. The deity which was earlier open to the sky in now well protected with an enclosed sanctum sanctorum and compound wall surrounding the temple.

Puranic Significance 

In Padavedu, you cannot see the Navagraha shrine in any of the temples and worshipping Veera Anjaneyar is considered equivalent to Navagraha worship. It is said that people from the villages and forests nearby worship Anjaneya for deliverance from the slight of the planets. Story has it that Renugambal blessed Anjaneya to appear in 100 different forms and stand guard at her temples.

He appears with his tail rounded up and it is considered that he has contained the Navagrahas in his tail. He is appearing with his foot in a way ready fly to Ayodhya from Lanka with his hands in a posture of blessing the devotees. His foot and tail are considered very significant here. The Vigraham is about 8 feet tall and the visage offers an almost childlike innocence to the devotee. Sri Anjaneyar here is in a side wise pose. His right hand is held high inabhaya Hastam pose and the left hand is holding the tail which curves around his head. The sweep of his tail is symbolic of trouble encircling an individual and he holding the tail indicates his grace in circumventing them and thus protecting the devotee.

It is a norm that devotees offer worship at Anjaneyar temple before visiting the other innumerable temples in Padavedu. It is considered auspicious to offer Anna dhanam at the temple as a navagraha dosha nivaranam.

He is a very powerful Anjaneyar who can fulfill all your wishes. A devotee from Hyderabad came here and prayed just like that for his son’s U.S trip. Since it got fulfilled without any problem, he offered a big golden Ramar dollar which adorns the Anjaneyar now. Padavedu is protected by Veera Anjaneyar and Kali on all 8 directions and so you can see Veera Anjaneyar temples in many places around Padavedu. There is one (small shrine) at the back of the Renugambal temple also TVS group has played an important role in the renovation of the temple.


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