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Orakkattupettai Gunam Thantha Nathar Temple, Kanchipuram


Orakkattupettai Gunam Thantha Nathar Temple, Orakkattupettai, Kanchipuram District- 603106. Phone: +89407 33278; 77080 17278


Gunam Thantha Nathar Amman: Thiripura Sundari


Gunam Thantha Nathar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva located at Orakkattupettai near Chengalpet in Kanchipuram District. This temple is 600 years Old. Presiding deity is called as Gunam Thantha Nathar and Mother is called as Thiripura Sundari. Sthala Vriksham is Sarakondrai Tree and Theertham is Agni Theertham and it is well known for curing all types of diseases.

Puranic Significance

Going around this temple for 21 times on Pournami days is equivalent to performing Thiruvannamalai Girivalam once. Recently a miracle took place in this temple. A person, dumb by birth, went around this temple 21 times during every Pournami day. He did this penance continuously for 7 Pournamis and gained the power of speech. Nava Veerabagu Sannathis, a very rare feature is present in this temple.


If one worships the lord her, the mind is pure; the thought is clear; there will be no stumbling block in choosing the right path. Those who are addicted to alcohol, smoking, etc., and those who are affected by it, will go to this place for 11 consecutive days, light a ghee lamp and take an oath of allegiance in the presence of Easan, and will soon be freed from cruel bad habits; It is the hope that God will give them the strength to break free from bad habits.

Special Features

• In this temple, one can find Ashta Lingas (8 Sivalingams, as found in Thiruvannamalai, representing 8 directions) in the temple praharam. The local people say that these Sivalingams were consecrated, based on the divine order received in the form of Asareeri (Divine voice heard from unseen spiritual forces). • Nava Veerabagu sannathis , a very rare feature , are present in this temple.


Skanda Sasti festival is being celebrated in a grand manner. People, from various villages, happen to come and celebrate Skanda Sasti festival here. Soora Samharam is also being celebrated here.


600 Years old

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