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Niralgi Siddha-Rameshvara Temple – Karnataka


Niralgi Siddha-Rameshvara Temple – Niralagi, Haveri district Karnataka 581205




The village of Niralgi in the Haveri district of Karnataka has a rich historical and religious significance, as evidenced by its inscriptions and temples.

Historical Significance:

  • Niralgi, previously known as Nirili during the 10th century CE and Nerilage during the 12th century CE, has a documented history dating back several centuries.
  • The presence of Kadamba inscriptions in the region suggests the influence of the Kadamba chiefs of Banavasi, who ruled under the patronage of the Kalyani Chalukyas.

Religious Diversity:

  • An inscription from the 12th century CE in Niralgi mentions the construction of a Jaina shrine and an associated endowment for teachers, highlighting the presence of Jaina religion in the region.
  • This inscription is a testament to the coexistence of multiple religious traditions, including both Jainism and Vaishnavism.

Temple Architecture:

  • The temple in Niralgi consists of a mandapa (hall), antarala (vestibule), and garbha-griha (sanctum).
  • The temple has entrances on both the east and west sides of the mandapa.
  • The central figure on the lintel of the garbha-griha depicts Vishnu with Garuda, suggesting the temple’s association with Vaishnavism.

Detached Torana:

  • One distinctive feature of the Niralgi temple is the presence of a detached torana placed before the antarala or garbha-griha. This design element is relatively rare.
  • The central figure on this torana is that of Nataraja, indicating a connection to the worship of Lord Shiva, which contrasts with earlier assumptions made about the temple’s dedication.

Niralgi stands as a place of historical and religious significance, where diverse cultural and religious influences have left their marks on the region’s heritage. The presence of inscriptions and temple structures provides valuable insights into the rich history of this village in Karnataka.


12th century CE

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