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New Dhrevad Kalika Mata Temple- Gujarat


New Dhrevad Kalika Mata Temple, Maripur, Devbhumi Dwaraka District Gujarat 361335


Amman: Kali (Parvati)


Kalika Mata Temple is dedicated to Goddess Kali, located in New Dhrevad in Devbhumi Dwaraka District in the Indian state of Gujarat.

Puranic Significance

The temple was built in 7th century CE by Maitraka Dynasty.

Special features

The temple holds national significance as it is protected and maintained by the Archaeological Survey of India (ASI), Vadodara Circle, due to its status as a monument of national importance. It is oriented towards the east and follows the Vimanakara architectural style, with a neo-Dravidic subtype. The temple is composed of distinct sections, including the sanctum, antrala (vestibule), maha mandapa (grand hall), and mukha mandapa (front hall). Notably, the mukha mandapa appears to be a later addition.

Inside the maha mandapa, you can find four bhadraka type pillars situated at its center. The mandapa hall is enclosed on its sides by plain walls, featuring a central window with a corrugated hood and a trefoil chaitya dormer above it. This temple is of the sandhara type, which means it has a common ambulatory passage encircling its sanctum, and the base (adhisthana) is visible at certain points. Interestingly, there is no deity housed within the sanctum, although some idols have been placed inside it at present. The sanctum is crowned by a five-tiered shikara, culminating with an amalaka and a kalasha atop it.


7th century CE

Managed By

Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)

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