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Nathankoil Nandeeswarar Shiva Temple, Thanjavur


Nathankoil Nandeeswarar Shiva Temple, Thanjavur

Nathankoil, Kumbakonam Circle,

Thanjavur District,

Tamil Nadu – 612703




Nandini Ambal


                               Nathankoil Nandeeswarar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Located in the Nathankoil, Kumbakonam circle, Thanjavur district, Tamil Nadu. The town is located on the south bank of Tirumalairajan River. The temple is situated along the main road. The temple is east facing Shiva temple, Lord Nandeeswarar is the biggest lingamurthy. Opposite are the Nandi and the altar. Goddess Nandini Ambal has a sanctum facing south. In Prakaram, Vinayaka is in the southwest and Murugan is with Valli Deivanai in the northwest. Sandesar is there. There are no other deities in the temple. The temple is said to be more than 1500 years old.

Puranic Significance 

            Nandi Deva is the vehicle of Lord Shiva, the gate guard of Kailai Hill and the leader of Bhutaganas. Once when Nandi Devar came to Vaikundam, he entered without the permission of the gatekeepers who were guarding the place. When they stopped him he was intent on going in, and the dwarpalakas, enraged by this, cursed him to suffer from the heat. As a result, Nandi’s body became hot and he suffered unspeakably. Finally he told this to Shiva and asked for a solution. To which the Lord said, ‘Senbhakaranyam, which removes all kinds of sins, is situated to the south of Kumbakonam. Go there, set up a lingam, do penance and get liberation.’ Accordingly, Nandi Devar came here and did penance and got the curse removed. Also, because he came here and did penance and received blessings, he got the grace that this place should be named after him. After that the place was given as Nandipuram.

This town has a Jagannath Perumal temple which was worshiped by the Alwars, Maha Vishnu here is called Nathan and Vinnakara Perumal hence the town is called Nathan Koil and Nandipurathu Vinnakaram. However, people call it Nathankoil. A Nayaka king named Vijayaranga Chokkappa Nayakkar repaired the Jagannath Perumal temple and this Shiva temple after curing his mother of leprosy. Nathan temple is the birthplace of Kalameka Pulavar.

“With the kind permission of Sri Kadambur K. Vijayan, these are extracted from his posts”.


1500 years old.

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