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Narve Jain Temple- Goa


Narve Jain Temple- Narve village, Bicholim Taluk, Goa-403504




The ruins today are called “Jainkhot” and are located in the village of Narve in Bicholim taluka of Goa state. The ancient site is situated near the present temple of Saptakoteshwar temple. In front of the Saptakoteshwar temple, there is ancient pathway constructed of locally available laterite slabs which lead to the ruins of Jain temple. These consist of mainly door jams, ceiling canopy and lintels chlorite schist. The Jain temple was built of laterite. Lime mortar has also been noted to have been used extensively here also. In an inscription there is only a mention of the name “Suparsvanath” and along with the name of the month and day, corresponding to the English calendar date of March 13th, 1151 AD. During this period the Kadambas were in power and its ruler at that time was King Vijayaditya.


1000 Years old

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