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Muthugapatty Thathagiri Murugan Temple, Namakkal


Muthugapatty Thathagiri Murugan Temple, Muthugapatty Thathagiri Malai, Namakkal District- 637409




The Thathagiri Murugan Temple, also known as the Namakkal Kolli Patti Murugan Temple, is located approximately 10 kilometers away from Namakkal on the road to Muthugapatty. This temple holds historical and spiritual significance and is dedicated to Lord Murugan. The temple is situated around 10 kilometers from Namakkal on the road to Muthugapatty.

Puranic Significance

  • The Thathagiri Murugan Temple is believed to be approximately 1000 years old, reflecting its rich history and heritage.
  • Saint Kirubanandha Variyar was known to visit this temple frequently to seek peace and tranquility. His visits highlight the spiritual significance of the temple in providing solace to devotees.

Other Nearby Temples and Sites:

  • In addition to the Thathagiri Murugan Temple, this region also has other significant religious sites. The Samadhi temple of Svayamprakasha Swamigal, who was the guru of Santhananda Swamigal of Pudukottai, is in close proximity to Senthamangalam.
  • Dattagiri, a small hilltop near the region, houses the temple dedicated to Dattareyar, who represents the unison of Brahma, Vishnu, and Shiva. However, it’s worth noting that many locals associate this temple with Lord Muruga.
  • To reach the Dattagiri temple, visitors need to climb a series of approximately 50 steps. The temple primarily features two deities at the top: Lord Muruga and Lord Dattatreya, both of which are magnificent structures.
  • The temple premise also provides the opportunity for circumambulation (pradakshina) around the deities.

Small Temple at the Foot Hill:

  • At the foothill of Dattagiri, there is a smaller temple that houses four sanctums dedicated to different deities. These include Vana Durgai, Ayyappan, Dakshinamoorthy, and Saneeswara.
  • The statues within this smaller temple are known for their artistry and size, with a particularly notable sculpture of Vana Durgai that is described as a wonderful sight.


Karthikai Somavaram and Panguni Uthiram are the festivals celebrated here with much fanfare.


1000 Years old

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Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HRCE)

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