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Marudhur Navaneethakrishnan Temple – Thirunelveli


Marudhur Navaneethakrishnan Temple – Thirunelveli

Marudhur, Thirunelveli district,

Tamil Nadu – 627351




Navaneethakrishnan Temple is dedicated to God Vishnu located at Marudhur in Thirunelveli District of Tamilnadu. The Nava Tirupathis are in Thoothukudi district. Those visiting these places may visit Marudhur Navaneethakrishnan temple also. This place is called as Marudhur because of Marudha maram (tree), which is in plenty in this place, and the same is the Sthala Virutcham here. Lord Navaneethakrishnan temple was built centuries back near the dam in Marudhur. Besides this temple, there are Aadhi Marudeeswarar temple, Vadakku Vasal Selvi Temple and Sastha temple on the banks of this river. Marudhur is located at about 12 Kms from Thirunelveli and 156 Kms from Madurai.

Puranic Significance 

It may be recalled that Mother Yasodha bound mischievous Navaneetha Krishna around a Marudha tree and a pounding stone. Pretty little Krishna dragged the stone through the tree which broke into two granting salvation to those cursed as the tree. The place is dense with Marudha trees naming the place as Marudhur. According to rules, Krishna temples should be built in places where these trees are plenty. The temple was built here based on this principle.


                 Adoring Child Lord Navaneethakrishnan blesses this place with lot of grace and boon to his trusted devotees. Devotees seeking child, take bath in Tambiraparani River come here on Ekadasi, Krishna Jayanthi and other days of Krishna, offer Milk payasam and butter to the Lord after the pooja. It is well known fact that the lord will grant the wish of the devotee with a lovely child. This is seen by the crowd of devotees who have come to this sacred place with the child, to thank the lord for the boon. Any one calling Govinda with devotion would be blessed with a child and this Lord Govinda graces to Marudhur Village. Tamirabarani is equal to holy Ganga. Marudhur Lord Navaneethakrishnan grants total salvation to those observing Ekadasi fasting.

Special Features

Presiding deity Lord Navaneethakrishna is 4 feet tall gracing the devotees with a smiling face offering boons sought by them. There is a child Krishna idol 2 feet tall made of a mixture of five metals. He is a two year old child with ornaments around the waist, belly slightly big (Thondhi) holding butter in hand. Sri Garuda is 4 feet tall idol made of five metals so ready to respond to the call of the devotees.


                 Gokulastami in the month of Aavani (August-September), Saturdays in Purattasi (September-October). Vaikunda Ekadasi in Margazhi (December-January) and all Krishna related festivals are celebrated in the temple.




1000 Years Old

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Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Department (HR&CE)

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