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Manjakkollai Dandayuthapani, Muthalamman Temple, Cuddalore


Manjakkollai Dandayuthapani, Muthalamman Temple, Cuddalore


Cuddalore District,

Tamil Nadu – 608601.






Manjakkollai Dandayuthapani, Muthalamman Temple is located in the Manjakkollai village, Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu. Temple was built for both mother and son in the same compound on the advice of Vallalar. Here the Lord name is called as Dandayuthapani and Mother is called as Muthalamman. The Temple is believed to be 1300 years old. There is direct bus service to Manjakkollai from the towns of Bhuvanagiri, Chettiatoppu in Cuddalore district.

Puranic Significance 

   At that time Vallalar Ramalinga Adikalar Thillaiyampalavanan used to travel from Cuddalore on foot through this place. He had many disciples there. One day he wanted to build a temple in our town, so they asked Vallalar for his advice on what kind of temple to build. He also chose a specific place by saying that Dandayuthapani Muthalamman temple should be built in the same premises. The people of that town built a temple for Thandayuthapani Muthalamman first by constructing a thatched shed. Then they built a temple and conduct Kumbabishekam.


     If Coconut Water anoints and prays to Dandayuthapani, family unity will be strengthened and troubles will be removed. The marriage barrier that has been there for a long time is removed and a happy life is established. Despite this obstacle, they got married and they came to this temple as a couple and anoint Murugan’s sandalwood abhishekam.

Special Features

 After entering the peacock altar followed by the sanctum sanctorum where Dandayuthapani is seen standing posture with a vel in hand. Vallalar also gives darshan in a small sanctum before him. The people of this village, whose occupation is agriculture, pray by placing the seeds in the temple before starting the agricultural work. Then it can be farmed without any risk and good yield is obtained. They pay their debt of gratitude by offering a certain share of the grain of the first harvest to Murugan. Next to Dandayuthapani temple is the Mutharamman temple, in the Maha Mandapam there are the shrines of Ganesha and Murugan, followed by the sitting posture in the sanctum sanctorum.


A ten-day Chitra Poornami festival is celebrated for Dandayuthapani. The ceremony starts with the flag hoisting and abhishek and decorations are offered to Murugan every day.


1300 years old.

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