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M. P. K Pudupatti Muthu Irulappaswami Temple, Virudhunagar


M. P. K Pudupatti Muthu Irulappaswami Temple, Virudhunagar

M. P. K Pudupatti,

Virudhunagar District,

Tamil Nadu – 626110


Muthu Irulappaswamy


M. P. K Pudupatti Muthu Irulappaswami Temple is located in the M. P. K Pudupatti village, in Virudhunagar district, Tamil Nadu.  Here the Presiding deity is Muthu Irulappaswami, in Melapatta Karisalkulam Pudhupatti (M. P. K Pudupatti). The Temple is believed to be 500 years old. Srivilliputhur-Rajapalayam Highway, about ten kilometres on the way to Mamsapuram, get off at Pudupatti bus stop, from where the temple is located.

Puranic Significance 

  About 500 years ago, this legendary place was included in the later Pandyan rule. At one time some families whose main occupation was agriculture came to this area in the foothills of the Western Ghats for their livelihood. And they named it Pudhupatti. At the same time, they built a small temple in brick construction north of the village of Muthu Irulappaswamy, an aspect of Lord Shiva whom they worshiped and regularly celebrated eternal pujas and festivals.

After the arrival of the new settlement, agriculture flourished and everyone returned to the old influence and good conditions. Seeing their development, the neighbouring villagers flocked to this site with faith and started worshiping. The stone construction of the entire temple has been recently renovated.



          Devotees say that if you worship him with faith, you can regain your lost property.

Special Features

There are separate shrines for both Presiding deity and Goddess. The temple consists of Moolavar Sannathi, Mahamandapam, Ardhamandapam and Sanctum sanctorum. The Mahamandapam houses the Nandi Devar altar. Dwarpalakas are present at the Arthamandapa gate. On both sides there are beautiful statues of Lord Ganesha and Valli Devasena Sametha Subramania Swamy. Muthu Irulappa Swami, where he was standing posture as the main source in the sanctum sanctorum.

There are Dakshinamurthy, Ulagalanda Perumal and Brahma shrines. In the eastern circle there are the shrines of Vanapechi Amman, Lada Sannyasi, Tavasi Thambiran, Shivananintha Perumal, Periya Otakara, Chinna Otakara and Talavai Madan, Brahmaraksasi, Rakachi Amman, Pachi Amman shrines and Kanimoolai Ganapathy, Rishaparudar, Naganathan, Vallabha Vinayagar, Sankara Vinayagar shrines in the western circle. Karuppasamy and Nilakandi shrines are also located in the northern circle.


      All Shiva related festivals especially Mahashivrathri is celebrated here with much fanfare.


500 Years Old

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