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Lakkundi Nanesvara Temple – Karnataka


Lakkundi Nanesvara Temple – Karnataka

Lakkundi, Gadag Town,

Gadag District,

Karnataka 582115




Nanesvara Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, located in Lakkundi Village near Gadag Town in Gadag District of Karnataka.

Puranic Significance 

The Temple is a mid-11 th century Shiva temple in the Later Chalukya style (also called Western or Kalyani Chalukya).

Special Features

The Nanesvara Temple follows a similar basic plan as the Kasivisvesvara Temple, with the exception of the auxiliary shrine. The temple is structured with a garbhagriha (sanctum), antarala (vestibule), navaranga (hall), and mukhamandapa (front hall) in an east-west axis. The first three parts of the temple are enclosed, while the last part, the mukhamandapa, is open. The mukhamandapa appears to be a later addition but adds a unique and pleasing contrast to the temple’s overall design.

The mukhamandapa features sixteen pillars, each with a square pedestal and circular moldings above. The temple also has an open mandapa with beautifully decorated pillars that lead to a smaller mandapa, which then leads to the garbhagriha, where the Shiva Linga is housed. The square garbhagriha has a doorway adorned with intricate creeper and floral ornamentation, with an image of Gajalakshmi on the lintel. In the center of the garbhagriha, there is a pedestal holding the Shiva Linga, known as Naneshvara as mentioned in the inscription. The sikhara (tower) over the garbhagriha consists of three tiers and is crowned with a kalasa (decorative finial), giving the temple an elegant appearance. The entire temple is built on a raised platform (jagati) approximately four feet in height.


1180 AD.

Managed By

Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)

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