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Koradacherry Kasi Viswanathar Temple, Thiruvarur


Koradacherry Kasi Viswanathar Temple, Koradacherry Post, Kudavasal Taluk, Thiruvarur District – 613 703 Mobile: +91 99431 52999


Kasi Viswanathar Amman: Visalakshi


Kasi Viswanathar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva located at Koradacherry in Thiruvarur District of Tamilnadu. Presiding Deity is called as Kasi Viswanathar and Mother is called as Visalakshi. SthalaVriksham is Arasu and Vilwa Tree. Theertham is Sivan Kulam.

Puranic Significance

People worshipped Lord Shiva here: It is believed that Sun God, Lord Mahavishnu came to the temple by walk to worship Lord Kasi Viswanathar. Equivalent to Kasi: Those unable to visit Kasi (now Varanasi) choose this place and temple and worship Lord to derive the same benefit if they would visit Kasi. Panchakshapuram: In olden days, the place was known as Panchakshapuram as the five Boodhas worshipped Lord Shiva with idols made of five metals. Koradacherry: As some blind people also worshipped here, the place was also called Kurudarseri (Kurudarblind). Later the name changed as Koradacherry.


People seek boons for prosperity, for child boon, for remedy from illness and for smooth and successful conclusions in marriage talks. Devotees perform special Homas, Annabishekam and those cured from diseases perform Navagraha Homas to please the planets.

Special Features

Saint Gnanasambandhar during his journey via Poodur to sing the glory of Thirukollikadu Pongu Sani and the temple in Thiruvidai Vayil is believed to have travelled through this route. As many epigraphic evidences, had been lost, the correct history of the temple is not available. The present temple came into being with the recovered Nandhi. As tradition, has it, Nandhi appeared in the dream of one Babu, a resident of Chennai and asked him to build the temple. Idols were duly installed as per Vedic rules. The donors, who had migrated to other places, visit the temple from time to time. Theertham is Sivan Kulam and is located opposite to the eastern entrance. The holy tree Arasu is on the banks of the tank. Lords Gnana Vinayaka, Gnana Velavan, Mothers Gnana Durga, Visalakshi and Balipeeta and Nandhi are on the left side in the temple. Chelliamman, Gajalakshmi and Manonmani are on the opposite side. There are also shrines for planet Sun, Lords Chandikeswara and Kala Bhairava. There are four Kalasas in the temple. The antiquity of the temple goes back to above 1,500 years but the location of the old temple is not known. This temple is newly built and the consecration was performed in the year 2012.


Tamil New Year day falling almost on 14th April, Vaikasi Visakam in May-June, Aipasi Annabishekam in October-November, Karthikai Deepam in November-December, Fortnightly Pradosha pujas, New Moon day, Arudra Darshan in December-January are the festivals celebrated in the temple.


1500 Years old

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Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HRCE)

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