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Kollangudi Vettudaya Kali Temple, Sivaganga


Kollangudi Vettudaya Kali Temple, Ariyankurichi, Kollangudi, Sivaganga District, Tamilnadu Phone: 04575-232236 Mobile: +91-90479 28314 / 93633 34311


Amman: Vettudaya Kali


The Vettudaiyar Kali Temple in Ariyankurichi, Sivaganga District, Tamil Nadu, is a place of worship dedicated to Goddess Kali. It is known for its unique history, rituals, and the divine presence of Goddess Kali.

Vettudaiyar Kali and Vettudaiyar Ayyanar:

  • Initially, the village had a temple dedicated to Ayyanar, located deep in a forest and cared for by two brothers, Kari Velar and Karuppa Velar.
  • Kari Velar went to Kerala to learn magic and Manthra Sastra. He brought Ayyanar’s idol from the forest and installed it in Ariyankurichi.
  • During the consecration of the Ayyanar idol, Kari Velar realized that the place was chosen by Kali for her penance. He then consecrated an idol of Kali in the same temple.
  • Since the Ayyanar idol was removed from its original place, he was referred to as Vettudaiyar (one who has a cut), and the temple is now known as Vettudaiyar Kali Temple.

Devotee Offerings and Unique Prayers:

  • Devotees come to the temple to seek relief from poverty, illness, and mental agony. They also pray for retribution against those who have wronged them and for the reunification of loved ones.
  • An unusual form of prayer involves cutting a coin and placing it in a cage in the temple. This is believed to expedite the receipt of what is justly due to them.
  • Parents visit the temple if their children are late in speaking, as it is believed that their children will begin speaking soon.
  • People also pray to meet old friends, to get married, and for child blessings.

Temple Structure and Deities:

  • The temple is situated amidst paddy fields in Ariyankurichi, with a small tower at the entrance. Lord Muruga and Lord Ganapathi are present on either side of the entrance.
  • The Artha Mandapam, which leads to the sanctum sanctorum, contains idols of Lord Murugan and Lord Vinayagar.
  • The temple features a statue of Karuppa Vellalar, who performed pujas in 60 surrounding villages, outside the Ardha Mandapam.
  • The main deity, Goddess Vettudaiyar Kali, is situated in the sanctum sanctorum, and she is depicted in a seated posture with eight arms holding various weapons.

Festivals and Celebrations:

  • The temple celebrates various festivals and events, including Panguni Swathi festival in March-April, Vinayaka Chathurthi in August-September, Aadi Perukku in July-August, Navarathri in September-October, and Margazhi pujas in December-January.
  • Special celebrations include a chariot festival on the ninth day of the Panguni Swathi festival and a poo Choridal (flower shower) on the 18th day of Adi month.

Spiritual Text:

  • A book titled “Vettudayal Veera Chakram” extols the greatness of Goddess Kali in this temple.


1000 Years old

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Hindu Religious & Charitable Endowments Department (HRCE)

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