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Koliyanur Valeeswarar Temple, Villupuram


Koliyanur Valeeswarar Temple, Koliyanur-605 103, Villupuram district. Phone: +91- 4146- 231 159, +91-94432 93061.


Valeeswarar Amman: Perianayaki


The Koliyanur Valeeswarar Temple, located in Koliyanur Village, Villupuram district, Tamil Nadu, is dedicated to Lord Shiva.


  • The temple is situated in Koliyanur Village in the Villupuram district of Tamil Nadu, India.


  • The presiding deity of the temple is known as Sri Valeeshwarar (Lord Shiva).
  • The divine consort of Lord Shiva is known as Perianayaki (Mother Goddess).

Historical Significance:

  • The Koliyanur Valeeswarar Temple is believed to be approximately 1000 years old.

Puranic Significance:

  • The temple is associated with the legend of Goddess Ambica and her divine act to protect the Devas from the demon Mahishasura.
  • Demon Mahishasura had a boon that he could not be killed by a woman born from a mother. With this strength, he tormented the Devas.
  • In response to the Devas’ plea for protection, Lord Shiva instructed Goddess Ambica to take action. She created seven divine beings known as the Saptha Kannikas, who were Brahmmi, Mahaswari, Goumari, Vaishnavi, Vaarahi, Indrani, and Chamundi.
  • These divine beings, with the assistance of Lord Shiva, defeated and destroyed the demon Mahishasura. However, they sought relief from the dosha (sin) incurred for killing the demon.
  • Lord Shiva instructed them to worship Him on Earth and granted them relief, making them security deities for Shakti (Goddess Ambica) in Shiva temples.
  • The Saptha Kannikas, based on Lord Dakshinamurthi’s guidance, act as security deities in this temple, which is a unique feature.
  • Lord Dakshinamurthy is venerated in the temple as Kanni Guru, and the presence of Saptha Kannikas is a special aspect of this shrine.


  • Devotees visit the Koliyanur Valeeswarar Temple to seek solutions to various life challenges, including those related to fate, mental peace, salvation, education, family prosperity, disease relief, and the adverse effects of the planet Mars.
  • Rituals such as abhishekams (ritual bathing of deities) and offering of vastras (cloths) are performed by devotees to seek blessings from Lord Valeeswarar and Mother Perianayaki.

Special Features:

  • The presiding deity, Lord Valeeswarar, is a swayambhu murthi (self-manifested idol) facing west.
  • The form of Lord Dakshinamurthy in this temple features the Saptha Kannikas instead of his usual disciples.
  • The temple also includes a Nandi (sacred bull) outside with a Kodimaram (flag post) nearby.


  • Special pujas are conducted for Lord Veerabadra with the Saptha Kannikas on Panchami days.
  • Masi Mahashivrathri, celebrated in February-March, is a major festival in the temple and involves special pujas and rituals.

The Koliyanur Valeeswarar Temple holds historical and religious significance, making it a sacred place for devotees to seek blessings and relief from various life challenges.


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