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Kil Kodungalur Muthumari Amman Temple- Thiruvannamalai


Kil Kodungalur Muthumari Amman Temple- Thiruvannamalai

Kil Kodungalur, Vandavasi,

Thiruvannamalai District, Tamil Nadu 604403

Phone: +91 – 4183 – 242 406


Sri Muthumari amman


Muthumari Amman Temple is located at Kil Kodungalur Village in Vandavasi, Taluk of Thiruvannamalai District of Tamilnadu. Here the presiding deity is called as Muthumari amman. The Temple is believed to be 1000 years old. This is also one of the Renukadevi temples dedicated to the mother of Sage Parasurama.

Puranic Significance 

 Of the four children of Jamadagni – Renukadevi couple, Sage Parasurama was the youngest. Renukadevi noted for her power of chastity used to make mud pots each day and was carrying water in the wet pots for her husband’s pujas. One day, she saw the reflection of a handsome Gandharva in the river water and stood a while appreciating his appearance, though she was not tempted by his handsomeness. Yet, the pot broke. Seeing the incident with his wisdom power, Jamadagni called his sons to cut off the head of his wife. The sons refused. Last son Parasurama obeyed his father. Pleased with son’s obedience, Jamadagni asked him what he wanted. Parasurama simply asked to give him back his mother. Jamadagni said that he could join the head with body & restore her to life. In his urge, Parasurama fixed his mother’s head with a wrong body. That woman rose alive. The Gandharva watching the events could not forgive the Sage for his inhuman attitude of killing his wife simply because she looked at him. He killed the sage. Renuka, with original head and different body accompanied her husband in death. The unjust death of two sacred souls had its impact on the celestial world.         

Indira urged Varuna to pour heavy rains to extinguish the fire. The woman rose up half-burnt. She immediately picked the neem leave stems to cover her body. She also poured turmeric water on the burns and boils. Her face was however unaffected and shining. Jamadagni too with his penance power rose up from the fire. He blessed his wife calling her Mari, the Goddess of Rain. This is the story behind the Mari Amman worship of Manjal Neerattu (Turmeric water bathing) and neem leaf dressings.


Shakti worship is practiced by people since the beginning of the world. Those were the days people used to cover the body with dresses made of leaves and stalks. Probably, that system is followed in Shakti worship even today. In some places, people use neem leaf coverings for fulfilling their prayer commitments. This is followed in the Kil Kodungalur temple also. People affected with heat related diseases pray here for remedy. Devotees also seek child and wedding boon. Devotees wear neem leaf clothing and offer prayers to Muthumari Amman.


   Aadi month Fridays in July-August and Purattasi Navarathri in September-October are the festivals celebrated in the temple.


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