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Khandosan Hinglaj Mata Temple, Gujarat


Khandosan Hinglaj Mata Temple, Mehsana, Khandosam, Gujarat 384310


Amman: Sakthi (Parvati)


Hinglaj Mata Temple is dedicated to goddess Sakthi located in Khandosan Village in Visnagar Taluk in Mahesana District, in the Indian state of Gujarat. The temple is situated on the banks of a lake.

Puranic Significance

The temple is commonly believed to have been constructed in the 12th century CE. This historical timeframe is supported by an inscription discovered in the antrala of the temple, which is dated to the year 1150 CE. This inscription serves as valuable evidence of the temple’s age and historical significance, confirming its existence during the 12th century.

Special Features

This temple faces east and comprises three main sections: the sanctum, antrala, and mukha mandapa. The mukha mandapa is supported by two pillars and two pilasters, and its interior is adorned with a parapet wall featuring kakasanas. The pillars in the mukha mandapa are of the ghatapallava type, and the mandapa is crowned with a dome-shaped roof.

Inside the sanctum, there is an image of Hinglaj Mata/Sarva Mangala as the presiding deity. The shikara (tower) over the sanctum follows the bhumija style of architecture. The exterior walls of the temple are embellished with a single band of sculptures. Additionally, niches containing images of goddesses adorn three sides of the exterior walls of the sanctum. The external wall is further decorated with sculptures depicting goddesses, apsaras (celestial nymphs), elephants, floral motifs, and geometric patterns, enhancing the temple’s architectural and artistic beauty.


12th century CE.

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