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Keerappalayam Subramaniya Swamy Temple, Cuddalore


Keerappalayam Subramaniya Swamy Temple, Cuddalore

Keerappalayam village,

Cuddalore District –  608602


Subramaniya Swamy


Valli, Devayanai


Keerappalayam Temple is dedicated to Lord Murugan, located in the Keerappalayam village, Cuddalore district, Tamilnadu. Here the Presiding deity is called as Subramaniya Swamy with his Consorts Valli and Devayanai. The Temple is believed to be 1000 years old.

Puranic Significance 

Most of the people living here were mainly weavers at that time. Many people in the town were killed due to lack of medical facilities. So they decided to build a temple in the town. After telling the matter to the Zamindar of Avoor, the villagers gathered at this temple and started worshiping by dedicating a VEL in the shed.

As the days went by it was everyone’s wish to have the full statue installed. Arutprakasa Vallalar will go through this village to see Natarajar. His ardent devotees sang Thiruvarutha with the image of Vallalar and went from town to town raising funds for this temple. Following this, a small temple was set up and people started worshiping with the idol of Dandayuthapani. Later, on the advice of the devotees, the idol of Valli Devayani, Lord shiva and Parvati idols were installed.

Velan’s Vel is located at the top of the Mahamandapam. Above the Ardha Mandapam is a peacock altar with a view of the Dwarapalakars on either side of the Kajalakshmi shrine. Subramaniyan stand in the sanctum facing east.


   The baby was born in a good way to many, who prayed for the blessing of the baby in this temple. They give the name of Murugan when a boy is born and the name of Valli Deivana if it is a girl child. It is believed that if Lord Saneeswara is worshiped by lighting a lamp on Saturdays, the evil will be removed.

Special Features

A special worship service is held at Idumban Sanctuary for childbirth on Panguni Uttaram. Those who have prayed for the ban to be lifted and the marriage to be consummated, come as a couple and attend the Valli Devayanai Sametha Subramanian Tirukkalyanam on the first day of the Panguni Uttaram and pay their dues by tying a gold coin.


 Panguni Uttar is a two-day festival. On this day Tirukkalyanam will be held. Special anointing will be done in the morning on the monthly Thirukarthikai and Sashti days.


1000 Years Old

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