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Karnatham Shiva Temple, Cuddalore


Karnatham Shiva Temple, Cuddalore

Karnatham, Virudhachalam Circle,

Cuddalore District,

Tamil Nadu – 606104

Contact Mr. Sundaramurthy: 9789324800




                                 Karnatham Shiva Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Located in the Karnatham village, Virudhachalam circle, Cuddalore district, Tamil Nadu. Karnatham is a beautiful little village. There is a large pond west of the town. Adjacent to it is the Big tree. There are two dilapidated halls on the banks of the pond. This is the structure of the town. Here in the north-east side, the oldest Shiva temple faces east, but the gate is on the south side. There are only two small windows in the east wall. There is a big royal tree in the north-east, and the beautiful Ganesha is sitting facing east on the cement platform around it. 

Puranic Significance 

The Temple is believed to be 1000 years old. The restoration work is going on in the temple; they have demolished the southern gate and started building a high three-tiered Raja Gopuram with black stone. Both Lord and Goddess have sanctums facing east. The Lord is in the post-marriage posture. If worshiped as a couple in temples with such a Posture, they will live together without divorce. Around the sanctum sanctorum of the Lord there is Tenmukhan and Brahman. At present, the statue of Tenmukhan is kept separately as it is broken.

The other deities are in a separate sanctum facing east. There is a mandapam with black stone pillars in front of the sanctum sanctorum of the two Lords. It has a Navagraha platform and these nine idols and other idols are kept separate due to repairs. There is also a well attached to the wall in the north-east corner. There are separate Sanctums for Lord Vinayaka Subramania and Mahalakshmi.

“With the kind permission of Sri Kadambur K. Vijayan, these are extracted from his posts”.


1000 Years Old

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