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Kanjamalai Balamurugan Temple – Salem


Kanjamalai Balamurugan Temple Kanjamalai, Salem district Phone: +91 98431 75993




The Kanjamalai Balamurugan Temple in Salem District, Tamil Nadu, is a sacred site dedicated to Lord Murugan. It has a rich history and is associated with the great Siddhar saints of Tamil Nadu.

Name and Location:

  • The temple is known as the “Kanjamalai Balamurugan Temple.”
  • It is located in Kanjamalai, 14 kilometers west of Salem city.

Puranic Significance

Temple History and Siddhar Legends:

  • The temple is believed to be around 1,000 years old.
  • Kanjamalai falls into the category of Marudamalai, Sivanmalai, and Chennimalai in Kongunaadu and is known for its association with Siddhar saints.

Siddhar Koyil and Siddhar Legends:

  • The temple complex includes a Siddhar Koyil (temple) on the hill, and it is closely connected with the legends of Siddhar saints.
  • One legend involves Adigaiman, a Tamil ruler, who was presented with a Nellikkani (a divine fruit) by a Siddhar at Kanjamalai. He presented this fruit to the saint-poetess Avvaiyar. This event is recorded in Sangam works dating back to the early part of the first millennium CE.
  • Another legend tells of a devotee of Lord Shiva who visited various Shiva shrines on a pilgrimage. He reached the shrine of Karpuranaathar at Kanjamalai and spent the rest of his life in penance. Ultimately, he attained Siddhar status and came to be known as Kanjamalai Siddhar.
  • Yet another legend speaks of a yogi and his aged disciple who aimed to achieve eternal youth through yogic practices. The disciple accidentally consumed rice that had turned black while the yogi was away collecting medicinal herbs. The disciple, now in a youthful form, was horrified and threw the stick he used to stir the rice into the fire. The guru, realizing the magical power of the stick, searched for it and consumed the rice consumed by the disciple. Both of them then attained eternal youth. It is said that these two Siddhars are none other than Tirumoolar and Kanjamalai Siddhar.

Kanjamalai Balamurugan Temple is not only a place of worship but also a site with deep spiritual and historical significance, connected to the Siddhar traditions of Tamil Nadu. It continues to be a destination for devotees and pilgrims seeking blessings and spiritual experiences.


Kandasashti, Krithika, Povurnami, Thaipusam, Panguni Uttiram.


1000 Years old

Managed By

Hindu Religious and Charitable Endowments (HRCE)

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