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Durg Palari Shiva Temple – Chhattisgarh


Durg Palari Shiva Temple – Chhattisgarh

Palari, Durg District,

 Chhattisgarh 491222




The Palari Shiva Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is located in Palari Village near Dhamtari in the Durg District of Chhattisgarh, India.

Puranic Significance: The Palari Shiva Temple was built by Nagavanshi Kings during the 14th to 15th century CE.

Special Features:

  • The temple is east-facing, a traditional orientation for Hindu temples.
  • It comprises a sanctum, an antarala (connecting chamber), and a Mandapam (pillared hall with 16 columns).
  • Inside the sanctum, you can find the sacred representation of Lord Shiva, the Shiva Linga.
  • The pillars within the Mandapam are adorned with Kirtimukha motifs, which are decorative elements commonly found in Hindu temple architecture.
  • In front of the sanctum, there is a Nandi idol, the sacred bull and the vehicle of Lord Shiva, positioned within the 16-pillared Mandapam.

Location: The temple is situated on the banks of the Deva Talab Pond and can be accessed via the Dhamtari – Gunderdehi Route. This picturesque location adds to the temple’s cultural and spiritual charm.

The Palari Shiva Temple has been recognized as a site of national importance under the Ancient Monuments and Archaeological Sites and Remains Act of 1958. This designation acknowledges its historical and cultural significance, making it a significant heritage site in Chhattisgarh.


14th – 15th Century CE.

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Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)

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