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Bishnupur Jor Mandir – West Bengal


Bishnupur Jor Mandir – West Bengal

Dalmadal Para, Bishnupur,

Bankura District,

West Bengal 722122


Lord Vishnu                                        


The Jor Mandir, located in Bishnupur Town in the Bankura District of West Bengal, India, is a fascinating temple complex dedicated to Lord Vishnu.

  1. Location: The Jor Mandir is situated in Bishnupur Town and is located approximately 2 kilometers from the town center. Bishnupur is known for its rich heritage of terracotta temples and historical sites.
  2. Historical Origin: The Jor Mandir complex was built in 1726 AD by Malla King Krishna Singha. It is a testament to the patronage of temple art and architecture during the Malla dynasty’s rule in the region.
  3. Temple Complex: Jor Mandir is actually a complex of three Eka-Ratna temples. The term “Eka-Ratna” refers to a single pinnacled temple style, which is characterized by a single spire. In this complex, there are two larger temples of the same size and a smaller one. All three temples are constructed on raised platforms and have a square plan.
  4. Dedication: All three temples in the Jor Mandir complex are dedicated to Lord Krishna. However, it’s worth noting that none of them currently house any deity.
  5. Architectural Style: The Jor Mandir complex features temples that are built in the Eka-Ratna style. Each temple has a sloping roof topped with a single sikhara (tower), which is characteristic of this temple style. The roofs are of the typical Bengali ‘chala’ type.
  6. Stucco Art: In earlier days, these laterite temples were adorned with stucco images. Stucco work involved intricate sculptures and designs on the temple walls. Over time, many of these stucco decorations have eroded and are lost.
  7. Artwork and Decorations: The central temple within the complex is elaborately decorated with stucco images depicting scenes from Krishna Lila and the Ramayana. These scenes are part of the rich mythological and religious heritage of the region. The other two temples, while still of the Eka-Ratna style, are plainer in terms of exterior decoration.
  8. Architectural Features: Each temple has covered porches on three sides, and each side has three arched openings. The front facade of the temples was once adorned with beautiful lateritic material and stucco artistry, showcasing mythological events. Unfortunately, much of these decorations have deteriorated over time.

The Jor Mandir is a captivating example of temple architecture and artistry, offering a glimpse into the historical and cultural heritage of Bishnupur and the Malla dynasty’s contributions to temple construction in the region. It is a significant landmark for those interested in exploring the temple architecture and history of Bishnupur.


1726 AD

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Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)- West Bengal

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