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Badoh – Pathari Jain Temple – Madhya Pradesh


Badoh – Pathari Jain Temple – Badoh, Pathari, Andhiyar Bawadi, Madhya Pradesh 464337




Badoh and Pathari are twin villages, separated by a pond. This separation is no more distinctly visible in current time, due to expansions; however both villages are different entity in the government records. Badoh-Pathari held much importance in medieval period, as deduced from the monuments found in the villages. As per locals, it was called Batnagar in old times. There is no much information about the history of these villages; however it can said with certainty that these were under Pratihara and later under Rashtrakuta Empire. This 10th-11th century temple was originally a Hindu temple, later converted into a Jain shrine. There are about 25 small shrines inside this temple complex. In middle of the complex is a raised platform with a roof supported on pillars. The different shrines seem to be constructed in different times between 10th to 13th centuries, as can be seen from their roof (sikhara) styles. The main shrine faces north. There are various Jina images installed inside the complex. The temple is in dilapidated condition and needs serious clearing of the sculptures.

Puranic Significance

The enclosed Jain temple complex of Badoh- Pathari consists of 25 temple buildings and shrines of different ages (10th-13th century), which is suggested to be a Hindu temple before and has been converted into a Jain temple later. This temple is also called as Van Mandir Digamber Jain Temple.


10th-13th century

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