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Anaikattu Aramvalartha Eswarar Temple, Kanchipuram


Anaikattu Aramvalartha Eswarar Temple, Anaikattu, Kanchipuram District -632101 Mobile: +91 89402 81959 / 98439 01221


Aramvalartha Eswarar Amman: Aram Valartha Nayagi


The Aramvalartha Eswarar Temple, dedicated to Lord Shiva, is an ancient and significant temple located in Anaikattu Village near Maduranthakam in the Kanchipuram District of Tamil Nadu. This temple is known for its religious importance, unique features, and its association with various rituals and festivals.

  1. Presiding Deities: The primary deities of the temple are Lord Aramvalartha Eswarar (a form of Lord Shiva) and Mother Aram Valartha Nayagi. Both deities face east.
  2. Unique Nandikeswarar: This temple is known for possibly housing the biggest Nandikeswarar statue in the Chennai surroundings. Nandikeswarar is Lord Shiva’s divine vehicle and a prominent figure in Shiva temples.
  3. Goshta Idols: Like many Shiva temples, the Aramvalartha Eswarar Temple features Goshta idols that are typical to Shiva temples.
  4. Murugan Sannithi: There is a shrine dedicated to Lord Murugan, which is located between the main deity (Moolavar) and the Ambal Sannithi. This shrine represents the Somaskanda form of Lord Murugan.
  5. Goddess Vanadurgai and Jyestha Devi: The temple also has idols of Goddess Vanadurgai and Jyestha Devi, which are worshipped by devotees.
  6. Temple Pond: The temple’s pond is known as Selva Vinayagar Kulam, and it is a significant part of the temple’s premises.
  7. Kaala Pooja: The temple conducts a Kaala Pooja, a special ritual, without fail.
  8. Age of the Temple: The Aramvalartha Eswarar Temple is believed to be more than 1,000 years old, highlighting its historical and cultural significance.
  9. Pradosha Poojas: Pradosha Poojas, a special worship dedicated to Lord Shiva, are particularly important in this temple.
  10. Parihara Sthalam for Marriage: This temple is considered a Parihara Sthalam for those seeking blessings and remedies related to marriage-related issues.
  11. Location: To reach the temple, you can take a deviation towards Maduranthakam, approximately 1.2 kilometers after crossing the Palar river bridge. The temple is about 5 kilometers from that point in the westward direction.
  12. Festivals: As with many Shiva temples, all Shiva-related festivals, especially Masi Magam, are celebrated at this temple with great enthusiasm.

The Aramvalartha Eswarar Temple is not only a place of worship but also a place of cultural and historical significance, attracting devotees and visitors interested in exploring the rich heritage of the region.


1000 Years old .

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