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Ambikanagar Shiva Jain temple- West Bengal


Ambikanagar Shiva Jain temple- Ambika Nagar, West Bengal 722135, India


Shiva, Trithankaras


Ambikanagar is a village with historical and religious significance in the Bankura district of West Bengal, India.

Location: Ambikanagar is located in the Ranibandh community development block within the Khatra subdivision of the Bankura district. It is situated in the southwestern part of West Bengal.

Historical and Religious Significance: Ambikanagar has a rich history and was once an important town and pilgrimage center for the Jains. In the 12th century, Jainism received royal patronage from Anantavarman Choda-Ganga-Deva, an Odishan ruler who expanded his kingdom to include the entire southwest Bengal up to the Bhagirathi River. He created his second kingdom at Ambikanagar. Many temples for the Digambara sect of Jainism were built in Bankura and Purulia during the 11th and 12th centuries in honor of Lord Parswanatha and Mahavira.

Jain Temples: The area was once home to Jain temples and was a significant center for Jainism. The remains of these Jain temples can still be seen, including Jain Tirthankara images and Yakshi/Yaksha images. Over time, the Jain community dwindled in this region, and the temples are now worshiped by local people who have incorporated Hindu practices.

Goddess Ambika: The goddess Ambika holds a special place in the socio-cultural life of the region, and several shrines dedicated to her can be found in different places. The influence of Jainism in this region was significant in earlier times, and the movement of Jain practitioners through the area is documented.

Current State: Due to the construction of the Kansaboti dam, the size of Ambikanagar and the surrounding settlement has been reduced. In the central part of the area, there is a Shiva Linga (a symbol of Lord Shiva). Around the Linga, numerous Jain sculptural remains can be found, which are believed to have been collected from neighboring places, including the submerged temple site of Sarengath.

Ambikanagar’s history reflects the coexistence and interaction of different religious and cultural traditions over the centuries. It showcases the rich heritage of the region and its role in the spread of Jainism in ancient times.


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