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Amb Temples, Pakistan


Amb Temples, Mahorian/Amb Shareef Rd Khushab District, Punjab Province Pakistan


Hindu Deity


The Amb Temples locally known as Amb Sharif are part of an abandoned Hindu temple complex on the Sakesar mountain, located at the western edge of the Salt Range in Pakistan’s Punjab province. Although foundations go back to the period of Kushan Empire, the temple complex was built in the 9th to 10th centuries CE during the reign of the Hindu Shahi Empire. The ruins are located near Amb Sharef village, on Sakesar mountain in the Soon Valley of Pakistan. The ruins form the westernmost ruins of a string of Hindu temples in the Salt Range mountains that includes the Katas Raj Temples and Tilla Jogian monastic complex.

Puranic Significance

The main temple is roughly 15 to 20 metres tall, and built out of brick and mortar on a square plinth. It is regarded as the “loftiest” of temples built by the Hindu Shahi Empire. The temple ruins have three stories, with stairwells leading to inner ambulatories. The temple is decorated with Kashmiri style motifs on its exterior, including a cusped niche. The structure of the main temple, differs from Kashmiri temples which typically have pointed tops. The main temple is instead similar in style to the nearby Kalar temple, and Kafir Kot temple in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa province. To the west about 75 metres lay another smaller temple, which is 2 story or 7 to 8 meters high situated near a cliff. The temple features a small vestibule chamber facing towards the main temple. It was a few metres from a second similarly sized temple, which no longer exists. The entire temple complex was surrounded by a fortification, with the earliest construction at the site dating to the late Kushan period.


9th to 10th centuries CE

Managed By

Department of Archaeology

Nearest Bus Station

Amb Shareef Rd

Nearest Railway Station

Khushab Station.

Nearest Airport

Faisalabad International Airport (LYP / OPFA).

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