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Alampur Kumara Brahma Temple, Telangana


Alampur Kumara Brahma Temple, Navabrahma temples Road, Alampur (P), Jogulamba Gadwal District, Telangana 509152


Kumara Brahma


The Kumara Brahma Temple in Alampur, Telangana, is another significant temple dedicated to Lord Shiva and is part of the Navabrahma Group of Temples. As with other temples in this group, it holds historical and architectural significance.

Puranic Significance

  • The temple is built in the Nagara architectural style and is one of the earliest temples constructed on a raised platform.
  • The temple’s design includes a Mukha Mandapam, Maha Mandapam, and Sanctum, with a small circumambulatory path for devotees to perform pradakshina (circumambulation).
  • The sanctum’s tower follows the rekha style and is adorned with an Amalaka and Kalasha on top.
  • The entrance doorway is carved with images of Lord Vishnu and decorative toranas made of floral motifs.
  • The doorway of the sanctum is flanked by sculptures of the goddesses Ganga and Yamuna, along with two dvarapalas (guardians). A sculpture of Nagendra can also be seen in the doorway.
  • The Maha Mandapam features various sculptures, including Gajalakshmi, Uma Maheswara, Kubera, elephants, swans, humans riding mythical animals, peacock motifs, amorous couples in Mithuna scenes, and sculptures of the Saptamatrikas (seven mother goddesses).
  • The pillars and ceilings of the Mukha Mandapam are adorned with miniature sculptures of Gandharvas, Kubera, Ganesha, toranas, amorous couples in Mithuna scenes, and floral designs.
  • The doorway of the Mukha Mandapa is particularly distinctive, with seven female heads that appear as if they are pulling a chariot.
  • The outer walls of the temple are simple and adorned with neatly carved lattice windows to allow natural light to enter the circumambulation path.


Sharan Navaratri is the biggest festival at Alampur Temples. The concluding event, Theppotsavam (boat festival) is an eye-catching event held on Vijaya Dasami at Krishna – Tungabhadra Sangamam (confluence of River Krishna and Tungabhadra). Shivaratri is also celebrated here. It is one of the nine temples in the Navabrahma Group of Temples, which collectively showcase early Nagara architectural style and northern design influence.


7 th century CE

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