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Ahobilam Malola Narasimha Swamy Temple, Andhra Pradesh


Ahobilam Malola Narasimha Swamy Temple, Andhra Pradesh

Yeguva, Ahobilam,

Andhra Pradesh – 518543


Malola Narasimha swamy


Malola Narasimha swamy


  Malola Narasimha Swamy Temple is dedicated to Lord Vishnu located at Ahobilam in Andhra Pradesh. The Temple is located at about 2 Kms from upper Ahobilam. This place is also known as Markonda Lakshmi Kshetra.

Puranic Significance 

The Temple is believed to be more than 1500 years old.Here, the deity of Lord Narasimha is in a peaceful form and Lakshmidevi is also present near him. The word ‘Ma’ refers to Mother Lakshmi and ‘lola’ means beloved. Lord Narasimha is the beloved of Mother Lakshmi and hence he is worshipped as Malola Narasimha. This temple is also known as Markonda Lakshmi Kshetra. Among the nine Deities of Narasimha, the utsava murthy of Sri Malola Narasimha travels with the Jeeyar of Ahobila Mutt. There is a specific reason behind it, which is as follows.

Srinivasacharya was a young devotee of Melkote. One day Lord Lakshmi Narasimha appeared in his dream and told him to go to Ahobilam, take sannyasa and continue his divine service from Ahobilam. Unable to believe this dream, Srinivasacharya sought the advice of his guru, Sri Ghatikasatam Ammal, who was also known as Varada Vishnuvarcharya. His guru advised him to follow the instructions of the Lord without delay.

With the blessings of his guru, Srinivasacharya rushed to Ahobilam, where he was received by Mukundaraya, a local chief, who had been instructed by the Lord to receive Srinivasacharya at Ahobilam. Appeared in the form of a saint, Lord Narasimha initiated sannyasa to Srinivasacharya and established the Ahobilam Mutt. The Lord conferred him the name Sathakopa Jeeyar and instructed him to go door-to-door and preach the message of Vaishnavism, and carry with him the utsava murthy of the Lord. The Lord also told him to act as the spiritual master of the disciples.

Since the Lord had not mentioned about any specific utsava murthy, Sri Sathakopa Jeeyar was confused as to which utsava murthy he should carry with him. He meditated on the Lord and requested him to choose the utsava murthy. Immediately the utsava murthy of Sri Malola Narasimha flew from the temple and reached his hands. The utsava murthy of Sri Malola Narasimha is decorated with a Paduka which indicates that the Lord is ready to go ahead on a tour. Since then the utsava murthy of Sri Malola Narasimha has been travelling with the Jeeyars of Ahobilam Mutt and showering its blessings to the devotees.


It is believed that prayers offered at the Lord Malola Narasimha temple ushers prosperity.

Special Features

    Presiding Deity is called as Malola Narasimha. The presiding deity rules planet Venus / Sukran. Lord Malola Narasimha is in Soumya (graceful) form with his consort Lakshmi and carries the Sudarshana Chakram. He sits on the centre of silver Mandapam in a dolai with Adhiseshan over his head and Garuda at his sacred feet.


Daily morning Abhishekam and evening Gramotsavam. Ekadasi, Amavasya, Swathy, Poornami are the monthly Friday.

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1500 years old

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Government of Ahobila Mutt

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