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Adalaiyur Sri Bheemeshwarar Temple, Nagapattinam


Adalaiyur Sri Bheemeshwarar Temple, Nagapattinam

Adalaiyur village,

Nagapattinam District, Tamilnadu – 609701.

Phone: +91 98654 02603, 95852 55403.






Adalaiyur Bheemeshwarar Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Located in Adalaiyur village, Nagapattinam district, Tamilnadu. Bheemeshwarar Temple is located in the middle of this town.  Here the presiding deity is called as Bheemeshwarar and Mother is called as Anandavalli. The Temple is believed to be 1000 years old. You can reach this temple by getting down at Adalaiyur or Alamarathadi stop. Renovation work has started in this temple, which was very dilapidated without even a single puja. The current condition of this temple is dilapidated state.

Puranic Significance 

             Shiva and Parvati were happily talking in Kailayam. Then Shiva started the Thiruvilayadal in which he transformed himself. Parvati found Lord Peruman who first became a bow tree and then Ganga. They came to earth playing. Parvati did not look Shiva who was standing there as a cow. That rogue cow wandered around the place without anyone’s attention. No one had ever seen such a cow in the village, and the Antanars were suspicious as to whose it might be. They tied it in the middle of the town so that the owner of the cow could come and drive the cow away. Goddess Parvati, who wandered in search of Lord Shiva, felt sorry for the tied cow. She untied the cow. The cow disappeared immediately. She was delighted to know that it was Shiva who came as a cow. She was named Anandanayaki. Shiva Parvati decided to stay where they came. Aa means cow and Thalai means tying. This town got its name as Adalaiyur because of the cow tethering. That is what Adalaiyur became.

          Before the start of the Kurushetra war, the Pancha Pandavas visited many places together and separately to worship to regain their lost land and position. Bheema was one of them. Coming to this place, he bathed in the lotus pond and worshiped Shiva and prayed for strength to win. Lord Shiva blessed Bheema with a vision. Then they win the battle of Kurushetra and regain their lost land and position. Because Bheema was worshipped, this place was called Bheemeshwarar.


         It is believed that those who lost in the election will win the next election and those who have lost their position and property will get it back if they worship Bhimeswara Swamy.

Special Features

         The special feature of this place is that the Lord appeared here as Swayambu. Dakshinamurthy, Murugan with Valli Deivanai, Bhumi Devi, Varadarajaperumal, Vinayaka, Sandikeswarar and Bhairava can be seen in Prakaram.


1000 Years Old

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