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Rohtas Sri Ganesh Temple, Bihar


Rohtas Sri Ganesh Temple, Rohtas District, Rohtasgarh Fort, Bihar 821311




Sri Ganesh Temple situated about 2200 feet above the ground over the hill in Rohtas fort, Bihar. This is very old temple dedicated to lord Ganesh ji. The temple is not in good condition. The temple is built in Rajputana style. About half a kilometer to the west of Man Singh’s Palace is a Ganesh temple is located. The sanctum of the temple faces two porch-ways. The early history of Rohtas is obscure. According to the local legends, the Rohtas hill was named after the Rohitāśva, a son of the legendary king Harishchandra. However, the legends about Rohitāśva make no mention of this area, and no pre-7th century ruins have been found at the site. The tall imposing superstructure corresponding the temples of Rajputana (Rajasthan), especially of Ossian near Jodhpur built in the 8th century AD and the Mira Bai temple of the 17th century AD at Chittor.


7th century CE

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