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Kebithigollewa Kalagam Vehera, Sri Lanka


Kebithigollewa Kalagam Vehera, Kebithigollewa, Halmillawetiya Anuradhapura, Sri Lanka




Kalagam Vehera is an ancient Buddhist temple complex going back to the per-chirstian times in Halmillawetiya, Kabithigollewa. With the migration of the civilization to the South after Anurdhapura period due to continuous invasions originating from South India, hundreds of flourishing Buddhists monasteries was either destroyed. By the late 20th century only some stone pillars and a very large Asanagara (seat of Buddha – a slab of stone) were left to be seen of this ancient monastery. This ruined temple complex was known as the Gal Enda Viharaya (Temple with Rock Bed) due the unusually large slab of stone by the villagers surrounding Kebitigollewa. Since the beginning of terrorism in the North, the region surrounding Kabithigollewa has been in constant threat of being attacked by them.

Puranic Significance

The fate repeating itself after thousands of years on these villagers, after this massacre by the terrorists, many from these border villagers fled from their homes and lived in various refugee camps in the government controlled areas and the temple was again abandoned. After the defeat of the LTTE terrorists in 2009, the life at these villages was normal again. With the effort of the then Magistrate of Kebithigollewa, the excavation and the restoration of this ancient monastic complex was initiated using the labor of Civil Defense Force under the guidance of the Archaeology Department. Stupa of the temple has been built on a high square pedestal. This has been completely destroyed by the invading forces, thousands years ago. Only the pedestal was preserved of the stupa. Based on the architectural features this stupa is believed to be belonging the mid Anuradhapura period. During the excavations the Yupagala of the stupa has been discovered among the ruble.


1000 Years old

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