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Chidambaram Indralingam Temple, Cuddalore


Chidambaram Indralingam Temple, Chidambaram city, Cuddalore District, Tamilnadu – 608001.




Chidambaram Indralingam Temple is dedicated to Lord Shiva, Located in the Chidambaram town, Cuddalore district, Tamilnadu. This Indralingam is located in the eastern part of Indra Dikil. This Indralingamurthy temple is located towards the west near the Ganesha chariot park at a place called Thermutti on the east road of the Thillai temple. The Temple is believed to be 1000 years old. Indralingamurthy is the presiding deity of the eastern direction, which is known for its sunrise. The medium-sized Linga Murthy, which has recently undergone renovations, is in a state of disrepair, with a sanctum sanctorum and a front hall. The sutta is designed to worship Lord Indra on top of the front hall. All prosperity and well-being can be obtained by praying to Lord Indra. You can live a healthy life without the disease. He will cure incurable disease. “With the kind permission of Sri Kadambur K. Vijayan, these are extracted from his posts”.


1000 Years old

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