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Charchoma Shiva Temple Rajasthan


Charchoma Shiva Temple Choma Maliya, Rajasthan 325203


Shiva Amman: Parvati


Charchoma Temple is Shiva temple located at Charchoma, Rajasthan. The temple consists of a garbhagriha, an antarala and a sabhamandapa. The sabhamandapa is rectangular and has a flat roof. The temple was rebuilt during the nineteenth century A.D. In the temple premises, there are two Brahmi inscriptions with Gupta letters. Stylistically, the temple seems to be ascribable to the Gupta period.

Puranic Significance

The Solanki queen had been pregnant for 12 years but her foetus did not grow. Thus the Solanki king and the queen came to Char Choma from Mandsor and they offered their prayers to Lord Shiva here with the explicit request that if Lord Shiva blessed them with a child, they would construct a temple. The Solanki king began to live there in a palace. By the grace of Lord Shiva, the royal couple begot a son. Therefore to express their obligation and homage to Lord Shiva, they built this temple. The Shivalinga is four faced and is of black stone. Worship is performed according to Shaiva Traditions. At the back of the temple is the black stone statue of Shakti. Pooja and worship are performed regularly. The temple is constructed in the Nagar style of Architecture. The base of the temple sia square platform on which stands the Nij Mandir on four pillars. In Nij Mandir also them is a square platform on which the Shiva lingam is installed. In the back portion of the temple, a statue of Bhilani (Shakti) stands. The pillar of the temple have ornamental patterns of flowers and leaves. Downward the temple there is a beautifully designed stepwell (kund).

Special Features

This temple is constructed in Nagar Style in which square constructions are in prominence. The deity in the temple is the four faced black stone shivalinga which is very charming.


1000- Years old

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Archaeological Survey of India (ASI)

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