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Thithi at Rameshwaram - lightuptemples

Thithi at Rameshwaram

The Thithi Ceremony involves the offering of food, often in the form of pindams, to honor and nourish the souls of one’s ancestors in the Pithru loga (ancestral realm). This act is believed to bring satisfaction to the spirits of the departed, allowing us to seek and receive the blessings of our forefathers. The Thithi Ceremony can be conducted with or without the homa (ritual fire offering), depending on the customs and traditions of the individual’s community or family.

  • By participating in this ceremony, individuals seek and receive the blessings of their ancestors (Pithrus), which are believed to pave the way for a successful life free from obstacles.
  • Additionally, this ritual is believed to diminish the intensity of any Pithru doshas (ancestral afflictions or imbalances), providing spiritual relief and facilitating a smoother path in life.


Book a Pandit for Thithi at Rameshwaram. The Purohit will bring all the required pooja samagri (items). All our Pandits are highly experienced and have studied at Vedic Patashala. 

To perform Online and Offline Pooja @ LUT contact us.

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